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Pool Cabana Ideas and How to Make Yours Stand Out

Not surprisingly, the word cabana is derived from the Spanish word of the same. Cabana essentially means hut, cabin, or shelter. Make yours a stand-out haven that you love to go to.

What is the purpose of a pool cabana?

A pool cabana is a wonderful structure that provides shade and a rest area, usually within a pool setting. Poolside cabanas are a perfect place in which to seek shade and relaxation while hanging by a swimming pool or water source.

They'll generally have a flat roof and three sidewalls, which might be fabric or fixed. Fabric walls offer additional versatility as can be tied back or rolled up allowing a cool breeze to flow through.

Cabana rentals might be a thing for hotel guests at a holiday resort, however, why not create your own stunning pool cabana at home?! Your holiday weekends can be enjoyed with friends and family in your own backyard.

What is the difference between a cabana and a pool house?

Pool cabanas are permanent or temporary structures that typically have a roof and three sides. They'll allow some summer breeze to flow in, yet provide shade and respite from the sun at the same time. A pool cabana is a place for sheltering from the sun, a kind of sanctuary for relaxing within a pool area, beach, or garden.

A pool house, on the other hand, is a building that usually houses items for the pool maintenance, pool toys, perhaps some outdoor cushions, the BBQ grill, and extra chairs or seating. It is a fixed structure with windows, walls, and a door.

How big should a pool cabana be?

Pool cabanas can come in a vast range of sizes. Usually, you'll be looking at something around:

  • 8 x 12 feet

  • 10 x 14 feet

These sizes allow for lounge furniture such as chairs, daybeds, loungers, picnic blankets, and towels, along with other items you might decide to store inside. If building from scratch you might consider adding a side room to store items within. This way, your actual cabana area will have more room for daybeds and lounging-type furniture.

Do you actually have to have a pool to go with a cabana?

Not at all...

Pool cabanas don't actually have to be within a pool area. Pop-up and temporary cabana-style structures can be used at the beach, as a play area for children, a changing room, and a place to store towels and your cooler, while hanging beach, garden, or poolside.

Cabanas offer protection from inclement weather if you're suddenly caught with unexpected rain or wind. Perhaps your house borders a lake or river (how lovely!) and you're wanting to create an outdoor area for shelter - cabanas are perfect for this setting.

Decorating your pool cabana in style:

Create a personal island, your private oasis at home. Your pool area doesn't just have to be just for swimming. Personalise your cabana space with plush cushions and sheepskin, and maybe even a pool bar area. Bring in navy stripes for a smart nautical aesthetic, hang lights and add a bar table. There are no hard and fast rules.

Matuki Extra Long Wool Cushion

When chilling poolside, it's nice to have a space with enough room to relax with a book, take a nap in the shade, or create a small seating area for larger gatherings. Think of it as an outdoor sanctuary and place of comfort if you're fortunate enough to have a yard with a pool.

It could be an outdoor room that you use year-round, where you serve food and offer signature cocktails during a pool party. Make it your own!

- Sophistication and style with sheepskin

Why not go all out with your pool cabana and add a Sheepskin Shaggy beanbag for pure luxury and comfort. If your cabana is large enough it's a wonderful opportunity to add another seating area for guests to relax. Sheepskin stones, rugs, and cushions offer a touch of luxury and comfort to your sheltered oasis.

Is there a difference between a gazebo, pergola, and a cabana?

Glen Dene Short Wool Shaggy Bean Bag and Glen Dene Short Wool Footstool

Yes, albeit subtle, there are differences nonetheless. The parallel is that they all create a space in which to relax with friends and family. Whether in your garden, beside the pool, or as a temporary structure for special events, it's easy to put your own stamp on your version.

A gazebo:

This is similar to a cabana in that it has a ceiling or a roof. The main difference is that a gazebo doesn't have closed walls on any sides. It will offer a full opening for access, usually have a built-in floor, and then be partly open. From waist-height down, they may have lattice battens to offer some privacy, and then will be open to the elements to the roof.

A pergola:

This is a trellis-style roof, usually made from wood, that offers a little filtering and protection from the sun. It's a good place to string lights for a party and evening fun. Plant a climber that creeps over the structure to provide more privacy and some visual interest.

A pool cabana:

We've covered this one and however you decide to create your canopy and outdoor space, pool cabanas are a great addition. It's worth noting that there are such inventions as an inflatable cabana! Yes, indeed. Your blow-up refuge could even float in the pool, if that's the kind of fun you want to relax with.

To conclude:

Whether your preference is to stick with resorts and cabana reservations during a vacation, or private cabanas that you make at home, your pool area or outdoor space will only be further enhanced by these fabulous structures.

Bring your own cool collection of pillows, cushions, and outdoor furniture to the scene to help your pool deck space, cabana or shelter stand out from the crowd.


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