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7 Small Dining Room Ideas that Will Make the Most of Your Limited Space

Dining rooms are often the heart of the home, especially within an open plan setting. It's a place where friends and family gather, break bread together and share the day's news.

Dining Room

To help bring your small dining room ideas to a reality, we've collated some top tips and tricks below.

What's trending in small dining rooms?

In recent years there's been a shift from separate formal dining rooms to more open plan and casual spaces. Inviting, welcoming dining areas with natural light that are multi-use spaces are on the rise.

Dining Room

Small dining room ideas that include simple, sleek and streamlined furniture will take you far. Bring in texture and interest through things like sheepskin seat covers, greenery and plants.

Whether your small dining room ideas include what's currently on trend, or not, we can guide you though several wonderful design solutions to turn your dining room into an inspired and stylish area that you love.

What can I do with a small dining room?

Small dining rooms can be challenging to renovate. If you already have an open floor plan, there are some simple tricks for making the most out of your space.

Dining Room

For a narrow dining area, choose a bench seat and chairs. People should be able to move around the table with ease and not be trapped in when seated. Drape a sheepskin over a bench, or add some fun cushions for comfort. A table with an extension leaf is a versatile piece of dining furniture to consider as well.

Pull-out furniture and multi-use pieces can be helpful and shallow shelving on one wall for storage can add depth and interest to the space. Try bringing in sheepskin seat covers and if it works, think about an area rug that fits nicely within the dining area.

How do you decorate a small dining room?

A key element for creating an inspiring small dining room is to choose the right colour scheme. Light colours will make a space seem bigger, but dark tones can create an intimate vibe that's perfect for date nights and family dinners alike. Wall colour in general can help define a space and provide the feel of a designated dining room in an open plan situation.

Dining Room

Artwork adds personality to a small dining area. Paintings or wall hangings are easy ways to spruce up empty spaces on the wall without taking up floor space in this high traffic area. If your preference is crisp, blank walls - by all means, leave them free of art and hang a mirror to help visually enlarge the space instead.

Buffet areas can be tricky in a small dining room, but if your room ideas include a serving, or buffet area, then utlise one wall for a shallow unit, or shelving that can also store items.

How do you pick the right size dining table?

Be sure to select the right sized dining room table for small spaces. You'll want to select a dining table based on the room's scale.

Dining Room

Round tables work particularly well in a smaller room as they save space and create an intimate setting for dinner parties. If your dining area is the wrong shape for a round option, try a pedestal table, with a bench seat and chairs.

A long narrow dining table will work in a small room as well. The idea is to allow people to move freely around the table.

How do you style a small dining room table?

This really comes down to personal preference and the overall interior design style or theme within the dining room. A small plant, or flowers is a simple but great way to bring hygge and ambience to your smaller table setting. If your dining room table is particularly small, a simple candle is all you need, then set your placemats, plates and cutlery as usual.

Do round dining tables save space?

Yes, in a small dining room they can, although it depends on the shape of the room. A round table will take up less space than a rectangular one and is the perfect option if you're working with limited floor space, or want to keep your family members close together for conversation at mealtime.

Dining Room

An appropriately sized round table will look elegant and sophisticated in a small dining room. The eye is drawn to the centre, so you can use that by decorating it with flowers, greenery, or candles to create an intimate, relaxed aesthetic.

Do dining benches save space?

Dining benches are a practical and functional solution within small dining areas. They're an effective seating choice and can be visually appealing with a luxurious sheepskin, or seat covers strategically placed to define place settings.

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A bench seat can be moved easily, say, into a bay window area, to then be placed at the table when needed. Pop it into place for your family banquette and have kids use the bench on one side and adults with chairs on the other. It can also be tucked away under the table, which will make a room appear more spacious.

7 small dining room ideas:

Dining Room

Idea 1:

Think about your table decoration. Plants will bring a relaxed vibe to dining rooms - some greenery as your centre piece will add a soft focal point and bring interest to the room without closing it in.

If you're partial to table cloths, or runners, choose one that hangs over the sides on either end to help create an illusion of space.

Idea 2:

Small dining room ideas can include simple decor updates with paint.

Spruce up the dining room with lighter colours and stick to a limited palette. Dark colours can create an enclosed, intimate space, while lighter shades are more expansive in their effect. This principle can also be applied with window coverings and upholstery for chairs to provide a perceived sense of space and offer an inspired clean look and feel.

Idea 3:

A great way to make a small dining area feel more spacious is to take advantage of vertical space.

This can be done by adding shelves to a wall and sparsely decorating them with items such as plates, vases and candles. Shelves will also provide a small serving area depending on the chosen style.

Idea 4:

Another idea to give your small dining area a sense of spaciousness is by hanging mirrors on the walls. If the dining table is by a window, utilise the opposite wall to allow the reflection of natural light. This will create a feeling of airiness and make your dining area seem bigger.

Idea 5:

Choose an appropriately sized and shaped table for the room. A round leaf table will save space and creates an intimate ambience in a dining room. A rectangular pedestal table will allow more chairs to go around it in a small space.

Idea 6:

A bench seat or built in storage seating for a corner dining nook is a great use of space. Dual purpose furniture is a practical and sensible option to add to your small dining room ideas. Throw some textured cushions and sheepskin seat pads on to add warmth and comfort to the design.

Idea 7:

Lighting is key in a small dining room. If natural lighting isn't adequate then hang a striking pendant or fun lamp over the table. A floor lamp will create additional lighting and offer visual interest to the dining room. Bring in candles to emit a soft glow for a calm, relaxed and welcoming space.


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