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A Note to Say Thank You

One year ago, we collectively found ourselves in a position we had never been in before. Waves of uncertainty came over us, and our team worked hard to adapt to the ever-changing world we’re living in.

As we reflect on the last year, we are overwhelmed with the support we have received. The launch of has allowed us to reach customers across New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Europe – giving us a greater sense of connection to you.

With people spending more time inside their homes than ever before, we’re encouraged to see a more thoughtful approach to living spaces. It’s so gratifying to know that our natural, sustainable products will be lounging with you for a lifetime.

When getting to the essence of what matters most for us as business owners, this year has really brought home that without you, there is no Wilson & Dorset.

Thank you from all of us at W&D.

Ben Wilson & Amanda Dorset