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Winter, unplugged.

Winter is traditionally a time of year to hunker down, stay in, rest, retreat and enjoy the humble comforts of home. At Wilson & Dorset, wintering is part of our mantra. In today’s fast-paced world, the season is an important reminder of the rejuvenating effects of taking time to reset. A reset will mean different things to different people, but we reckon one of the best ways to create calm and connection is by letting nature in. A first step is to switch off your screen and tune into the primal desire for hibernation.

1. Unplug

You know that super-packed online calendar you’ve got that keeps sending you schedules and reminders? This winter, block out some solid chunks of time when you are not available. It’s your time to unplug. Detach from the rat race and refocus. Open up to a slower pace, a sense of retreat and escape.


2. Get outside

Getting outside into nature is scientifically proven to enhance your wellbeing. A hike through the mountains, beside your favourite body of water or along a forest track can instantly refresh your senses and clear your mind.


3. Bring nature in

Make your home your haven. Cosy up with natural textures and embrace the beauty of retreat. Add calming green accents to your living spaces with indoor plants and trees. Here in Wānaka, in the heart of the Southern Alps, connecting with our outdoor environment comes naturally. That’s why we design our products to bring nature in, from our home to yours.


4. Wander into the wild

To truly unplug from the chaos of daily life in the modern world, stretch your horizons and go somewhere new. Go a little further. Go where there’s no wifi or electricity, where things are simple and old school. Nourish the soul with an off-grid adventure. We dare you.


5. Mull it over

The wonder of the colder months is the gift it gives us: time to figure things out, slowly. Whether it’s a really hard jig-saw you take on with your family, or an intricate novel that has been on your list for a while, clear the decks for a non-work related, indoor project to mull over. Focusing on a jig-saw, or reading a great book for a long period of time, without extraneous thoughts entering your mind, is in itself meditation.