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7 Great Bonus Room Ideas to Add Value to Your Home

Bonus rooms. Your 'not quite' spaces. Your non-traditional nooks and crannies. The attic. The basement. The roof space. The garage that never gets used. The room with that one awkwardly shaped wall. These spaces are a place of possibility. They are blank canvases for your inner interior designer to shine, and perhaps even create a space you'll spend more time in than traditional areas of the home!

Attic Room by Lington Fu

Is it really worth it spending money to decorate a bonus room?

Having an extra 'unusable' area converted into a bonus room fit to your needs is not only great for you, it's fantastic for the value of your home, and can dramatically increase it's re-sale value. Weigh up the amount you want to spend against the amount you stand to gain and come up with a sound budget to get the most out of your project.

When looking to remodel space in your forever home there are some financial benefits depending on where you live. In many places, renovating to add an extra room can cost a lot in council consents and paperwork. Once the paperwork has gone through, often your council taxes will rise as you've added monetary value to your home. All things considered, a simple guest bedroom addition can end up costing thousands. With a bonus room, so long as you're not doing anything structural, there are often no consents needed, no paperwork, and most of all no additional monthly costs.

When remodeling a bonus room you have a lot to gain, and very little to lose, so yes, it is well worth spending some money.

How much value does a bonus room add to your house?

It's hard to say exactly the amount your new bonus room will add to your home as markets are forever changing, however it's not unusual for your bonus room renovation to boost your home value by $10,000 to $30,000. Buyers are looking for a space to match their needs, so how your design your bonus space also matters. Some people are looking for a work-from-home lifestyle, while others may really value a playroom for the kids.

From a living perspective, taking the time to decorate and design a space that you'll utilise is immensely valuable. Each time you walk past your new bonus room you'll feel a sense of joy and achievement at your own DIY design know how.

What's the best use for a bonus room?

There are no wrong answers when it comes to creating the perfect home for you.

Lounging Concept

Like to read? Perhaps a library room would suit.

Have kids? A playroom or game room may be ideal.

Need more storage? Build it into your bonus room design.

The best use for your bonus room comes down to your personal values.

For more inspiration, check out our bonus room ideas below!

Use your bonus room as a bedroom

That excess space in your roof or attic is a small renovation away from being an extra bedroom! Perhaps you're looking bring additional value to your home, or perhaps your children have outgrown a smaller room downstairs. Whatever your reasons, bonus rooms make excellent bedrooms.

Sheepskin bedroom

Begin by observing your bonus room. Where can you see the bed/s being placed? This is the first assessment to make, followed by your alternative wardrobe. Bonus rooms work best with some custom cabinetry to create storage solutions in the parts of the room that seem unusable. Consider building in extra wardrobe space by creating a 'faux wall'. This will make your space smaller, however it will still feel large as your possessions are hidden away and not drawing your attention. If you're getting stuck get in touch with your local interior designer to help you come up with some cool storage designs.

Use your bonus room as a home office

Office space by Laura Davidson

Working from home is the dream in the right space, but can quickly become a nightmare in the wrong one. Trying to focus at the dining table with family flying around you, pulling you this way and that- it's enough to make anyone miss the white cubicles they once loathed! Converting your bonus room into an office is a great way to fix these problems and create a space of focus and solitude.

The key to a great working space is a well balanced room with positive energy, so avoid darker colours in your design. In a bonus room with little natural lighting bring the outside to you with some air-purifying house plants. Further that natural feel by using materials like flax or wool to simplify your home office space. Limit distractions and clutter with cleverly designed storage spaces, perhaps in a purpose built table or bookshelf.

Use your bonus room as a guest room

Once you've had a guest room you won't go back. A space for family and friends to visit in comfort is so valuable, because let's face it- when family camps out in the living room, it sure is impractical.

Converting a bonus room into a room for your guests is easier than a bedroom. Utilise the areas with less head space by placing or creating luggage holders, while keeping the available head space for areas around the bed or beds. If you have lower ceilings use a lower bed base to create a sense of spaciousness. Choose furniture that balances the space, and voila! You now how a guest room!

Use your bonus room as a library/reading room

There's something magical about cozying up with a good book on a rainy day, so why not use your bonus room as a purpose built library!

Stone Set Lounging Concept

Keep the space simple. You will be introducing lots of colour once your books are on the shelves so stick with simple timbers or shades in your shelving design. Consider fitting out a window to be a large bay window by building up cabinetry around it and selecting some plush sheepskin throws or cushions. If this isn't an option for you fear not! We have the perfect seating solution! A sheepskin bean bag or two will not only look fabulous, they are so comfortable. Melt into your book while you melt into a bean bag so soft it feels like a hug from a loved one.

Use your bonus room as a home gym

Why not save money on your gym membership and convert your bonus room into a gym?!

Having home exercise equipment is a must in current times to stay happy and healthy, but it can be hard to find a place to put an elliptical or treadmill in your traditional home. Garage and basement areas can make fantastic gym rooms, especially for those hot summer days. Save money and time on the gym and workout DIY style in your bonus room!

To convert your bonus room into a gym, think simple and clean. Consider using bright whites and greys to keep the space feeling open and light. Use the nooks and crannies of the space as a spot for weights, and save the spaces with more head space for floor exercise or machines. Complete your bonus room with a still water station for the ultimate custom home gym.

Use your bonus room as an arts & crafts room

Lately getting crafty has had a come back! Perhaps you've rediscovered a love for sewing? Or a passion for painting? Turn your bonus room into and arts and crafts studio personalised to your needs.

Begin by deciding where you want your desk or easel in the space. If there's not enough natural light consider adding LED strips or light pads to the walls or ceilings to boost the light in the area. Design functional storage for your space to hide away all your bits and pieces in an organised easy-to-get-to fashion. Consider what you find an inspiration and let it plaster the walls! Your bonus room is now your place to get unapologetically creative, so don't be afraid to include bold colour in your design.

Use your bonus room as a place to relax and wind down

Stone Set Lounging Concept

The home is a sanctuary, and having a space available to you to put aside the stresses of everyday life is an important part of any self care routine. Show yourself a bit of love by crafting your bonus room into a space unique to your tastes, and free from the stresses of the outside world.

Research has shown that colours can trigger emotional reactions through memory, so choose a light but calming colour that doesn't trigger any strong emotional responses. Select a matte finish to the paint to make it less stimulating still. Clutter can cause stress responses in the brain so aim to create a minimalistic and simplistic space, without too many smaller items. Select furniture that has rounded edges and no harsh corners or lines, then place a few leafy green houseplants where you can see them to purify the mind and air. Use one or two sheepskin rugs to cozy up the space and really take your relaxation to the next level!


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