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Luxury Bean Bag Chairs: All You Need to Know About Them

Are luxury bean bags chairs worth it?

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 Above: Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag, Extra Long Wool 60-80mm (Matuki)

Not only are they an irresistibly comfortable piece of furniture, bean bags are also one of the most transportive furniture pieces around, and are an investment into the comfort of your home. When you bring a luxury bean bag into your home it's like gaining a lifelong companion. When buying a luxury bean bag you buy for life, not landfill. A luxury bean bag brings the comfort and versatility of a traditional bean bag to a more refined space, and is the perfect addition for the modern home or office. By choosing a luxury bean bag you are opting for a product made of higher quality materials that will offer you and your family comfort and relaxation for years to come.

girl in bag

 Above: Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag, Extra Long Wool 60-80mm (Minaret)

How do I choose a luxury bean bag chair?

Considering how you want to use your luxury bean bag chair is a good starting place when deciding which one is right for you. If you are purchasing for your small apartment and need an extra seating option that fits in with your minimal interior aesthetic, consider a higher end, standard size bean bag in a natural material. If you have a family holiday home and need something to drag out onto the deck or lawn for lounging in the sun or for long evenings around the BBQ you might need something larger, water resistant and durable with double stitching, like canvas.

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Above: Shaggy Bean Bag, Short Wool 12mm (Dublin Bay), Sheepskin Stone Set (Dublin Bay)

When choosing luxury bean bags always look for a product that fits in with your needs. Do you need an easy to move kids bean bag with a removable cover and is machine washable for those little mishaps? Do you need something that matches existing furniture and is available in multiple colours? A small foot bean bag or full size lounger for two people? When it comes to the filling do you want classic polystyrene or something more luxury like memory foam or micro beads? There are endless options when it comes to finding the best one for your needs. Most bean bags are filled with a mid sized bean made of expanded polystyrene. Luxury bean bags tend to be filled with higher quality fillings. Good quality beans are smaller and higher density than traditional beans, meaning they contain less air and more fill making them less likely to compress. This in turn means your bean bag will sag less and feel better over a long period of time.

With durability, comfort and style in mind, bean bags made out of a high quality natural material like sheepskin are the best. They offer an extra level of comfort with an irresistibly plush fleece, silky to the touch and soft on your skin. Sheepskin is a high quality long lasting natural fibre that is naturally durable and perfect for everyday use in the home.

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Which bean bag size is best?

You want your bean bag to fit nicely in the space you’re planning to put it, and to suit the size of those who will use it. Consider the weight of the people using the bean bag when choosing your size. If you have plenty of room, consider a bean bag that seats two people for the living room, but keep storage space in mind if you plan on putting it away when not in use. An adult may look for an extra large bean bag chair or lounger for their living room, while a teenager might find a regular sized one is perfect for their bedroom, and kids can benefit from all sizes. Standard size bean bags are the most popular for a reason. They are usually the right balance between being large enough to hold a grown adult in a snuggly embrace and the right size for a child to be able to climb up onto comfortably. A standard size bean bag is a good starting point, catering to both kids and adults and easily transitions from space to space.

What is the best brand of luxury bean bags?

There is a huge range of bean bag chairs on the market made using varying materials. Like anything, not all bean bag chairs are made equal and you get what you pay for. A good brand of luxury bean bags will stand out above the rest. They will have fantastic customer service, use high quality material for the cover and the filling, and be passionate about finding you the perfect beanbag for your living space. It also pays to look at the ethos and character of the company itself. Look for a brand with a production process that is constantly refined and developed to ensure that their production has the least effect on the environment as possible. Look for a brand that repurposes excess materials, and one that recycles or reuses water, liquid and packaging at every available point during production. This way you can have total comfort of body and mind when purchasing your bean bag chair.

Are bean bags good for posture?

Traditional seating can often result in bad posture. This can cause your muscles ache or exacerbate existing aches and pains. Bean bags provide the perfect middle ground. The filling in bean bags, whether memory foam or micro bead fill can be extremely supportive while still being malleable enough to conform to the shapes and configurations required for proper posture. The key to achieving good posture in a bean bag chair is keeping your bean bag topped up so it supports your body fully.

Are bean bags good for back pain?

When used correctly, bean bags can support and provide alignment for your back. Proper posture with the assistance of a large bean bag chair can help to reduce pressure and pain in your shoulders, lower spine and hips. The most positive difference between a conventional chair and a bean bag is that it provides an alternative fluid way of sitting and moving which can be good for your entire body.

How can I make my bean bag more comfortable?

Before sitting down it's always a good idea to give your bean bag chair a quick fluff up by grabbing a couple of large handfuls of the cover, lifting it off the floor and dropping it down to help rearrange the inner into a nice puddle. It's then a matter of arranging yourself however you feel comfortable. It sometimes helps to prop yourself up against a hard surface or wall if you want a more upright position. The key to finding your optimum level of comfort in your bean bag chair is keeping an eye on how full your bag is, and topping up if required.

How much weight can a bean bag hold?

This depends on the type and style of beanbag - it pays to check the label or contact the manufacturer to check before you exceed the maximum weight allowance for your product.

What is the most comfortable luxury bean bag chair?

There's no denying that a bean bag chair or bean bag lounger is one of the most comfortable and relaxing places in the living room. Easy to use and super comfortable, plonking down into a bean bag chair can truly feel like a big, soft hug. The most comfortable bean bag chair will usually be one that uses quality materials. A bean bag lounger with a cover made from a high quality natural material like sheepskin exudes comfort and is perfect for any room. When it comes to the filling, the most comfortable bean bag chairs will use a memory foam or micro bead filling for increased comfort and longevity over traditional polystyrene beans.

How do you store a large bean bag chair?

Bean bag chairs are easy to move around and can be stored anywhere, provided you have plenty of room. For a longer lasting solution some bean bag chairs can be shrunk down and vacuum packed for storage. This is convenient, and space saving, but always check with the manufacturer is this is possible for your particular product first.

How do you fluff a bean bag to make it look great again?

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After extended periods of regular use, no matter what beans you are using you might notice your bean bag is starting to look deflated. It’s important to keep your bag topped up and as close to its original shape as possible to avoid stretching the outer bag, making it go out of shape and strain the seams. It is recommended to do a small top up whenever you notice your bag starting to sag.

Do you have to refill bean bags often?

This depends on how much use your bean bag has, and a good rule of thumb is every two years. Whether you have a memory foam bean bag or micro bead filling, over time the beans do compress and at some point your bean bag will require a top up to make sure it's perfect.

What's the best way to clean a luxury bean bag without ruining it?

This depends on what material your bean bag is made from - always follow the manufacturer's recommended care instructions.

Some products are machine washable. Small stains and light soiling can usually be spot cleaned easily with a damp cloth and mild detergent. For a more thorough clean, dry cleaning the removable cover is recommended. While sheepskin products can be machine washable on a gentle cycle, products with suede or other backing material are generally not machine washable or even suitable for hand washing, so dry cleaning is recommended.

Can you put bean bags in the dryer?

This is also dependent on what the bean bag cover is made out of and what the recommended care instructions are. If your bean bag is made of sheepskin it cannot be placed in the dryer.

The safest recommendation is never to use the dryer as you run the risk of potential shrinkage.


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