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All You Need To Know About Sofa Cushions

The art of finding an exceptionally comfortable sofa is often down to its cushions. It can be somewhat overwhelming shopping for a couch or sofa, let alone cushions. We've compiled a guide to help you choose new sofa cushions, get the best from your existing ones and included tips on general sofa cushion care.

What are the best sofa cushions?

Finding the best back and seat cushions to suit your needs and uses is often down to comfort. Some people prefer a soft deluxe style of cushion that will envelop you and allow you to sink right in. Others prefer a firmer approach that may assist with posture and an overall more comfortable seating position for them.

Sofa Cushions

With that said, the 'best' cushions will be made of a high quality foam with a resilient level of density. To determine a foam's density you will simply use the standard mass calculation. The recommended industry standard for sofa cushion foam density is no less than 1.8 or closer to 2 and higher.

It's important to note that patio furniture will require outdoor fabrics that withstand the elements. Depending on how often you're sitting outside and enjoying your outdoor furniture, it's worth spending a little extra on durable and high quality fabric for regular use outside.

What is the best cushion filling for a sofa?

There are several ways to go when it comes to cushion filling. Factors to consider are things such as your sofa life and how much use it gets, your comfort level, how durable and long lasting you'd like your cushions to be.

Let's begin with the different types of filling:

  • Foam - this is the most popular since it's generally an economic choice that will usually provide a firmer seating experience. There are several options of foam filler and some are more dense than others, more durable and more eco-friendly. Foam is a good choice for everyday use.
  • Polyester and cotton - these materials will often wrap around a foam core or inner and then be externally upholstered. It's an ideal option for foot rests and firmer poufs as they'll hold their shape and won't compress.
  • Feather and down - cushions filled with feathers offer a plush and luxurious cushion for any couch. Usually used in conjunction with a foam or firmer inner to provide support and structure, feather most certainly achieves a pillowy softness to furniture.
  • Springs - some couches have springs and in the case a type of needled wool batting is an excellent and durable material to layer over the springs. A usual upholstered finish will complete this set up.

How do you arrange cushions and throws on a sofa?

There is no right or wrong way to arrange pillows and cushions. However, there are guidelines for certain decor interests. If your room is more relaxed, freestyle and boho themed, then place cushions in no particular arrangement or order. Here's a shortlist of ideas to get you started:

  • A mix of colours, patterns and textiles is a great way to bring depth and interest to a space.
  • For a streamlined and cleaner aesthetic, symmetry is the name of the game. Arrange larger cushions at the back and then a couple of smaller ones in front. Mirror this arrangement on each side of the couch.
  • If you've had custom cushions made to tie in with your sofa then you'll likely want these front and centre.
  • A throw is a great addition to any setting and will bring instant warmth to your room. Toss a sheepskin blanket or throw over the back of a couch to lounge the afternoons away with book in hand.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules - choose to fold neatly or loosely arrange throws for a casual and inviting vibe.

Should sofa cushions match?

Typically, for a smart and stylish upholstered aesthetic your seat cushions will certainly match your sofa. Store bought and off the shelf furniture is generally designed this way.

Sofa Cushions

However, throw pillows and decorative cushions certainly don't have to be the same. Nor do they need to be the perfect match in colour to your couch. In fact it creates an element of depth and texture to bring in different cushion sizes, colours and styles.

Add a luxurious sheepskin cushion or two for the ultimate in comfort. Bring in a wool rug and add some Wilson and Dorset Sheepskin Stones to mix things up a little and introduce cosiness to the room.

How many pillows should be on a sofa?

Decorative cushions on your sofa can truly set the tone of the living space. How many you place, is entirely up to you. It really depends on your decor style and whether your preference is a more formal approach, or a more relaxing and casual setting.

Sheepskin Playroom Rugs

For some homes, an abundance of pillows and throw cushions on your sofa is the best invitation within a room. At Wilson and Dorset, we believe you can't go wrong with sheepskin cushions - they're plush, durable and life-long additions to your home decor. They look wonderful in any setting and being a natural fibre with all the exceptional qualities that natural wool and sheepskin offer, they'll be the most sought after accessories in your living room.

What are the most comfortable sofa cushions?

Exactly what is deemed comfortable by some, is not the same for others. The level of comfort provided by couch cushions is really a matter of personal choice.

That said, for a plush and soft seating experience, you really can't beat a down filling. Feather fill will offer a fluffy, bounce and a high level of comfort. Down fillings are usually used in conjunction with additional inner types to provide support. However, if thick enough, they'll plump up well and create a wonderfully luxurious and comfortable experience.

Can I wash my sofa cushion covers?

Yes! In fact washing your covers is recommended and is an easy way to revive your couch, sofa or loveseat. But not too often.

Many sofas will have some kind of removable cover. We would recommend spot cleaning when necessary and if a deeper clean is required, a cold delicate cycle in a non-agitating washing machine is usually adequate. We suggest you refer to any washing instructions as different fabrics require different attention.

A wash once or twice per year should be enough for most regularly used sofas. Be sure any cover that you wash, is completely dry before replacing them on the couch. Some fabrics may require a dry clean only. Again, be sure to check the manufactures washing guide instructions.

Is it expensive to replace couch cushions?

Replacement cushions can be more expensive if you need to colour match the exterior fabric. If a cushion simply seems tired, too squishy or you notice feathers leaking, then replacing the inners is a more cost effective option.

Replacing your cushions can be a cost effective way to give your sofa a new life. However, instead of new cushions, you can also refill and change out the inners. This will offer a new lease of life to your cushions and living area in general. It's tricky to place a cost against this since it really depends on the type of fill or foam you choose.

How do I make my sofa comfier?

We just talked about replacement cushions - this can make a difference if your seats feel a little tired and in need of a spruce up. Another way to enhance your lounging comfort is by adding throw blankets and pillows to your sofas. A couple of sheepskin cushions and a wool blanket or two will add instant plushness and sophistication to any sofa.


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