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Some Good Things To Know About The California King Blanket

Blankets and throws are simply the best. You can't have too many of these versatile pieces and it's easy to find the perfect material, size, and style for your home.

What size is California king?

The California king size is named for the place in which its creator invented it. The idea behind this extra large size is to provide four inches of additional length. At least this is the case in America. Interestingly, the bed sizes depend on which country you're in. The sizes certainly differ between New Zealand and the United States, for example.

If you take a quick search on any given website listing bed sizes, you'll get the below standard measurements:

  • NZ - Super King 183 x 203cm / Cali King 203 x 203
  • US - King 193 x 203cm / Cali King 183 x 213

This means that blanket sizes will vary as well. The good thing is that blankets come in a very broad range of sizes so finding what you need for a California King is relatively easy.

What is the difference between a blanket and a comforter or duvet?

A comforter is probably more of an American term but it refers to a duvet or a bed covering with insulation. It's usually filled with feathers or some sort of fill to provide warmth and is not a single layer.

California King Blanket

A blanket is a single layer and comes in many different sizes and fabrics. From wool and cotton to fleece and silk. No matter what material you choose for a blanket or comforter, they'll offer the warmth and insulation you need for a good night's sleep.

Can I use California blankets on a king bed?

Yes - if you have a New Zealand size Cali king blanket then you'll be well covered.

California King Blanket

But it's not ideal if you happen to have a US size Cali king, since the width difference may not allow each side of the king bed to be covered adequately. You might be fighting for the blankets during the night with your partner. The same could be said for using a king blanket or duvet cover on a California size bed. The width will be there but the length will not.

One thing to remember is that blankets of any size can go on any bed! At the end of the day, a good quality blanket for a bed is preferably natural (sheepskin/ wool/ cotton) and one that keeps you comfortable, warm yet not too hot, and retains body heat on the coldest nights. We recommend wool and sheepskin for their versatility, durability, thermal qualities and for the fact that wool is flame retardant and resists dirt and dust. The superstar properties of wool really can't be beat.

Do king size sheets fit a California king bed?

Quite simply, no. You'll need additional sheets for your different sized beds. Obviously the larger sizes will fit the smaller beds (but not neatly), however you won't be able to go the other way. The sizes are just too different. The same goes for underlay blankets and mattress protectors.

How tall should you be for a California king bed?

If you have a New Zealand size California bed then you'll be comfortable with if you're a height of up to around six foot, four inches.

The US California size is a few inches longer still and is perfect for extra tall people over six foot, four inches, and up to a little less than seven feet. Yes, that's pretty tall!

Do throws come in extra large sizes?

One of the great things about throws is that they do come in a variety of sizes. Although, once a throw becomes extra large, we'll typically be calling it a blanket. Blankets generally have designated sizes so they can be matched to a bed size.

The average size for a throw blanket is around 127cm by 152.4cm. However brands will vary so it's important to shop around or double check details when looking for a throw.

What are the warmest blankets?

We like wool! Sheepskin is incredibly soft to the touch, durable, is a natural product and you will have your sheepskin for life.

When you shop New Zealand brands for warm wool and sheepskin blankets, we recommend keeping an eye out for the New Zealand Woolmark symbol. This will put you in good stead for shopping quality products.

The thing with wool and sheepskin is that it traps body heat, breathes and retains its warmth when wet. Wool has the ability to regulate your temperature as well - it'll keep you warm when the mercury drops, and won't overheat you in the summer.

How can I decorate a large bedroom?

Any bedroom is fun to decorate, especially a big bedroom where you may have space for a small sitting area or reading nook. Wilson and Dorset's Sheepskin Shaggy Beanbag Chairs, Stone Sets and Footstools are perfect for the creation of a reading corner or relaxation area within a big room.

  • Begin with selecting a color scheme and then your furniture. Depending on the decor style throughout your house, you'll curate certain pieces that tie in with the overall design.
  • If you have hard wood flooring or tile, then a rug under the bed or at least a plush sheepskin beside the bed for when your feet hit the floor in the morning is a must.
  • Storage is important in a bedroom - be sure to have plenty of storage solutions.
  • Create a relaxation corner or reading nook in a large room.
  • Lighting is key in a bedroom. Think dimmer lights and ambient lamps.

Can I put a rug under an extra large bed?

Yes, of course. A rug anywhere within your home is a great idea and can be the perfect piece for a cosy, sophisticated and nicely finished look in a bedroom. If you're looking to place a rug under your Cali king sized bed then be sure to get it large enough so that it extends by about 30 to 40 cm all the way around the bed. Many brands have designed their rugs specifically to fit under large beds.

There's nothing nicer than to have your feet touch a luxurious sheepskin or plush rug when you emerge from your slumber in the morning.

What's the difference between throws and blankets?

This is a great question. On many levels they are one and the same. That is, something warm and comfortable that can be used on a bed or casually thrown on a chair or sofa. Throws tend to be used as more of a style piece. Arranged diagonally on the corner of a bed to add luxury, texture and maybe colour to a space.

A blanket on the other hand, is designed to actually cover a person during sleep. So they'll generally be named size-wise in reference to a matching bed.

Throws make wonderful gifts and are an incredibly convenient and versatile addition to any home. Whether you're shopping for an extra big blanket like the California size, or a smaller throw to add style, it's not hard to find the perfect one for your space.


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