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Five Reasons Why Sheepskin Cushions Are Ideal For The Home

Bring a splash of individual style and sophistication to your decor with sheepskin cushions. Offering natural texture, quality and comfort, we believe there's a sheepskin cushion for every room. This blog shares five reasons why they're ideal for the home and answers the customer questions that people ask us while shopping. So if you're deciding on the best cushion or pillows, this little guide is all part of our customer service.

1.Sheepskin cushions bring softness and texture to your living spaces

The luxuriously soft material of 100%pure wool brings texture and personality to a sofa, seat, chair, bench or bed. Adding a fleet of sheepskin cushions to your bedroom, living room, kid's room or office can transform the look and feel of your space.

Sheepskin Cushion

They can also be a gentle gateway purchase before buying a larger item such as a sheepskin rug.

Choosing the perfect set of cushions for your style, as well as where and how you intend to get the best use out of them is all part of the fun. Shape, size, color and pile height are all important decisions to be made when investing in sheepskin for your home. These are a few of our recommendations to play with:

  • Consider rich, deep wool cushions in a square shape to nestle next to your bedroom pillows.

  • Adorn dining, outdoor or office chairs with soft sheepskin seat covers.

  • Add contrast, natural features and accents to a sofa with sheepskin throw cushions.

  • Update an occasional chair with a perfect sheepskin cushion.

  • Let nature into a kid's room with featured extra longwool cushions.

  • Zhuzh up a guest room with a new series of sheepskin scatter cushions.

  • A stone set, made to roam free, can be stacked to create a cosy corner in any room or atop an area rug.

  • Bring some Scandinavian style to your studio or apartment with the versatile appeal of a sheepskin throw cushion or three!

  • Consolidate the ambience of a room by investing in both a sheepskin rug and cushions.

  • Update a love seat or wooden bench with a wool cushion and notice how much more frequently it gets used.

2.Sheepskin cushions are hypoallergenic

For allergy sufferers, sheepskin cushions made from pure wool are great. Naturally occurring oils in the wool prevent dust mites, mould, mildew and other bacteria from taking hold and growing. Whether it's a soft shaggy sheepskin cushion or a tightly woven pure wool cover, the effect will be the same. If you live with an asthmatic or dust-sensitive person, sheepskin cushions offer comfort they are sure to like!

3.Sheepskin cushions are long-lasting

When well cared for, sheepskin cushions will last a lifetime. Wool fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking and still has the power to recover and return to its natural shape. This means your natural sheepskin product will retain its original appearance and lush features for longer.

Sheepskin Cushion

Our wool products are designed to endure, by nature and through their manufacture. The reviews are in: Forget cheap throwaway cushions that just decorate your space for a season, sheepskin cushions make a great timeless statement that won't go out of fashion.

4.Sheepskin is water and stain resistant

The waxy outer coating of natural wool fibre helps to repel liquids. This means if you accidentally spill anything on your sheepskin cushion, it is likely to simply roll off. Any residue left behind can be easily wiped away. Natural sheepskin products do not require regular washing, unlike synthetic fibres.

5.Sheepskin promotes comfort and sleep

The outer layer of protein on a wool fibre is incredibly smooth, allowing sheepskin fibres to easily slide against each other and accept movement. As a result, when sitting or resting on sheepskin, your body slides across the surface with less resistance, which helps to alleviate pain.

Sheepskin Cushion

Sheepskin cushions are a great gift for people with restricted movement, such as the elderly, those recovering from surgery or in the final trimester of pregnancy. They also make great breastfeeding pillows!

Sheepskin cushions are ideal to sleep on or snuggle up with because of their inherent ability to regulate temperature and their deep and dense natural wool material. We've been known to take ours on picnics and camping trips!

How does sheepskin wool regulate temperature?

Unlike synthetic or faux sheepskin, a genuine sheepskin cushion can actually breathe. Without getting too technical, air flows freely and continuously through the hollow wool fibres, some of which gets trapped to create little pockets of air. These little pockets of air help to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm and toasty on a winter's night, or cooling you down in the height of summer. This is why a soft sheepskin rug is such a tried and trusted item for babies too.

Sheepskin Cushion

Is sheepskin good for hot weather?

As strange as it seems, yes! A sheepskin cushion will be suitable year-round, because wool can absorb moisture such as sweat, wicking it away from your body keeping you feeling cool on those hotter summer days. 

Can you wash a sheepskin cushion?

Yes: it's so easy to wash a sheepskin cushion. Simply take the inner out and follow the washing directions on the care tag or on our care guide. Your gorgeous sheepskin cushion will be back to its former glory in no time.

Will sheepskin shrink if you wash it?

Following the recommended wash directions (again, look to the care tag or our care guide) will achieve the best results. Remember to gently stretch the sheepskin to form while it's wet, allowing the cushion cover to hold its shape nicely.

Does sheepskin dry quickly?

Air-dry your wool cushion by hanging it on a washing line or laying it out flat – away from direct sunlight. Stretching sheepskin during the drying process helps to preserve its form and prevents excessive shrinking. Depending on the size of your sheepskin cushion and how windy the day is, this process may take a few hours.

The takeaway

Investing in a collection of sheepskin cushions is an easy win if you're looking to change up your living space. Add sumptuous details, color and quality with the wonder of wool. Search up and shop for your style type and you're bound to find some great products you'll love. Wilson & Dorset are currently shipping our sheepskin cushions all over the world, so we are more than happy to help you with your order. If you're in Wānaka, you can test drive our stock at our concept store. We can also help you decide on your items by sending color swatches or offering a consultation.


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