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Caring for your Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Is there anything that compares to falling into a plump cloud of sheepskin, wrapping around your body like an enormous snuggly hug? We think not. If that alone isn’t enough, the very best thing about sheepskin bean bags is they’re durable, they age gracefully and if cared for can be with you for a lifetime.  

Like anything the more committed you are to caring for your Shaggy Bean Bag the longer it will last and the better it will look for the duration of its days. Fortunately, you can take several steps to prolong the life of your Shaggy Bean Bag.


Sheepskin loves a vacuum. The thin waxy coating of a wool fibre, contains fatty acids that inhibit the growth of bacteria, repels and releases dirt easily. A regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will whisk away any dirt and help to maintain wool fibres. Make sure you don’t use any revolving/rotating/ turbo attachments.

Keep your Shaggy Bean Bag topped up

We fill our Shaggy Bean Bags with a premium quality bead filling. These beans are smaller than standard bean bag filling, containing less air and more fill inside. These 100% recyclable, high density beads don’t squash down in the same way as standard polystyrene beans meaning a more dense velvety feeling Bean Bag for a longer period of time.

Despite this, after extended periods of regular use you might notice your Shaggy Bean Bag is starting to look deflated. What was once a fluffy, round and comfortable chair has become more of a puddle. It’s important to keep your Shaggy Bean Bag topped up and as close to its original shape as possible to avoid stretching the sheepskin out of shape and straining the seams. We recommend a small top up once a year or whenever you notice your bag starting to sag.

The good folks at Ambient Lounge have teamed up with us to keep your Shaggy Bean Bag topped up. Use discount code: WILSON DORSET for 15% off bean fills on both their New Zealand and Australian online stores. We recommend the Premium Ultra-Bead, 100% Recyclable, high density beads.

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Moving your Shaggy Bean Bag

It’s no secret we love flexible furniture that allows you to curate evolving spaces. One way to keep your Shaggy Bean Bag looking beautiful is to make sure that everytime you move it, you are holding onto both the skin as well as the fibre. This will prevent the fibres being pulled out and keep your Shaggy Bean Bag from stretching and losing its shape.

Keep out of direct sunlight

Try and keep your Shaggy Bean Bag out of direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker shaded products. All of our darker coloured sheepskin products will eventually fade and evolve over the years, but finding a home for yours out of all day sun will slow this process significantly. This can be a challenge in our glass filled homes we know, so one easy strategy is just to make sure you are moving it regularly so as not to leave it in full time sunlight for extended periods.

Get your Shaggy Bean Bag a companion

Team your sheepskin bean bag chair with a sheepskin footstool. The two form a dynamic duo as a comfy and portable modular setup.

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Above: Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag (Glen Dene)

Have you got a Shaggy Bean Bag in your home yet? Check out our range.


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