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Sheepskin Seat Covers: The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

Sheepskin seat covers are very easy to look after. The unique structure of wool gives them a natural durability and robustness. Due to the lanolin coating on the wool fibre you wont need to clean your Sheepskin seat covers as regularly as you might with a synthetic equivalent.

With some occasional vacuuming you can retain the look of your seat covers for years to come. You will find that your sheepskin seat covers are great for use on just about any type of seat you have at home whether it be your car seats, dining chairs, bench seats or barstools.

Are sheepskin seat covers worth it?

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Above: Square Sheepskin Seat Cover (Gladstone)

Think of sheepskin seat covers as a way of protecting your investment. Your car seats, designer barstools, vintage armchairs, or your brand new wooden bench seat can all benefit from a plush seat cover, designed to minimise damage and wear and tear and make your life easier.

Sheepskin seat covers are durable and versatile, made from a premium fabric they add luxury and style without blowing the budget. With minimal care requirements and the naturally hard wearing nature of wool, sheepskin seat covers will be with you for generations, extending the life and resale value of your vehicle, furniture and seating.

Does sheepskin keep you warm?

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Wool is nature's miracle fibre. Due to its unique composition it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If you're like me you're the first one up in the mornings, often before the heating kicks in or the sun comes up, desperately seeking coffee and a moment of solitude before the madness of the day begins.

On chilly mornings sitting down at the kitchen island can feel like perching on a sheet of ice. Imagine instead sitting down onto the comfort of sheepskin. The natural fibre of wool has the ability to infuse little moments of luxury into your everyday at times like these.

Wool has a active 3D fibre structure that traps air, giving you an immediate feeling of comfort and warmth that you're often reaching for in cold conditions. If you are juggling a busy life, elevating simple routine activities can make all the difference.

Does sheepskin keep you cool in summer?

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Above: Double Sheepskin Rug (Mt Gold)

It seems counter intuitive to reach for sheepskin during the summer months, but the natural wool fibres of sheepskin have temperature regulating properties that enable it to keep you cool in the summer.

Wool does this by absorbing moisture, wicking it away from your body keeping you feeling cool when you are hot. Have you ever scolded your bare legs on your leather car seats after it's been parked at the beach on a hot summers day or ended up hot and sticky sitting in your office when the sun hits your desk in the afternoons?

Wool is a natural, breathable, temperature regulating fibre that can help regulate your body temperature anywhere anytime all year round.

Can you put sheepskin seat covers on leather seats?

Leather and sheepskin are two complementary natural fibres that work well together. Sheepskin complements any surface - leather, wood, metal, plastic, concrete, the list goes on.

Leather items are often an investment and as lovely as "worn in" leather is, sometimes we want to keep things looking as new as possible. Sheepskin seat covers offer a layer of protection, comfort and materiality to leather seating.

Wilson & Dorset sheepskin seat covers are backed with high quality 100% natural cow hide suede to give them both durability and form. Suede naturally has non slip attributes that help keep seat covers in place on any surface including leather.

How do you clean sheepskin seat covers?

All sheepskin products are dirt resistant and low maintenance, good news for all of us with busy lives! Wool fibres have an inbuilt lanolin coating that helps to repel liquids, dust and dirt particles.

This means if you accidentally spill your wine or coffee in the car on route, it will rest on the surface of your sheepskin seat cover and can easily be shaken off, any residue can be lightly blotted up.

Natural sheepskin products do not require regular washing, unlike synthetic fibres. Your sheepskin products will retain their good looks and last longer if you follow my recommended care routine. Any accidental spills and stains should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Carpet stain remover is effective in removing stains from sheepskin. Both wet and dry carpet stain remover is available in the cleaning section of most supermarkets. To find out if you need to use a dry or wet stain remover click through to our detailed specific stain removal guide.

Wet Stains: BEFORE applying any stain treatment the first step is to ‘contain the stain’ so it doesn’t spread further. It is tempting when you are in a panic to throw water or other liquids directly onto a stain, but that will only spread the stain further. Use a clean, dry towel or a paper towel to gently blot up excess liquid. For best results you want to take the time to soak up as much of the liquid in this first step as you can, so minimal stain remover is required then follow the instructions on the product.

Dry Stains: Store purchased dry carpet stain remover is designed to work on most food, liquid and grease-based stains and is suitable for sheepskin seat covers. It is effective on almost any dry stain that has not caused a chemical reaction with the wool fibres. Dry stain remover is designed to be lightly applied as a spray and then the resulting powder vacuumed up using a fine nozzle. You should also check the manufacturer’s advice for your specific brand of vacuum cleaner as some more modern vacuums can be sensitive to fine powder and lose their suction.

Can you tumble dry sheepskin?

Do not tumble dry, iron or bleach your sheepskin product. Air-dry your sheepskin by hanging it on a line or laying it out flat – not in direct sunlight. It is important to stretch sheepskin or lie flat during the drying process, this helps to retain the shape and prevent excessive shrinkage.

How do you care for sheepskin?

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Above: Sexto Sheepskin Rug (Matuki)

Sheepskin car seat covers LOVE a good vacuum. If you were to take one key message away for maintaining your sheepskin it would be regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner. So easy and so effective. Vacuuming easily lifts any dirt or dust and fluffs up any fibres that have been flattened from use.

Your longer wool sheepskin seat covers benefit from occasional brushing with a wire pet brush to bring back the soft plush fleece. Small spills can be sponged off with a damp cloth.

Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight as UV will damage the natural fibres and may fade or discolour dyed sheepskins. Do not store in damp or wet conditions as the natural leather pelt may deteriorate. If you follow these few care instructions you will extend the lasting beauty of your sheepskin seat cover.

Can you brush sheepskin?

The fibres of your sheepskin products can flatten over time. A good vacuum will bring the fibres back to life. Your sheepskin seat cover will benefit from occasional, gently brushing with a wire pet brush. If sheepskin fibre does get wet it will revert back to their natural curly state.

Brushing with a wire pet brush will help restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibers if desired. Be extra gentle when brushing your sheepskin to avoid pulling fibres from the pelt.


Sheepskin seat covers are a high quality, easy care, natural option for your home, vehicle or office. Seat covers are often used on high rotation, so are in the firing line for spills, dirt, debris and general wear and tear.

Selecting a natural fibre like wool, gives you a durable product that you can have confidence will withstand all that your busy life can throw at it. Keep your natural sheepskin seat covers looking their best for longer by regularly vacuuming, avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight, avoid damp conditions and attend to any spills as quickly as possible.


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