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Cool Bedroom Accessories: How to Use Sheepskin to Bring Your Room Together

Sheepskin is everywhere. If you've got an eye for style, you've undoubtedly noticed it highlighted in fashion-centric blogs and Instagram pages for the past few months — and it's not going anywhere. Sheepskin is one of the perfect bedroom accessories and a great way to give your bedroom a unique personal touch. Sheepskin is one of those cool things to buy for your bedroom or living room that will really make a room appealing and bring it together.

How can I make my room more fun with sheepskin?

1. Add a sheepskin area rug

Sheepskin Area Rug

Sheepskin rugs are a classic, stylish and modern way to add some luxury to your bedroom decor. Things don't become 'a classic' without reason, and sheepskin rugs are no exception. The humble rug has been a bedroom decorating staple for generations. Of all the accessories you could buy for your room, a luxuriously soft sheepskin rug under your bed can instantly make your room inviting and cosy.

2. Drape a sheepskin throw or a blanket on your bed

A sheepskin throw is a piece purely designed to look great. One of the cool things about throws is they can instantly bring a pop of colour to a bed or bed frame, or perhaps even break up a bold coloured duvet or coverlet. Use a throw as an accent piece on your bed to match some of the other items in the room, or perhaps as a stand alone piece to add a little bit of texture to your siting chair in the corner of the room.

Sheepskin Bed Throw

The bedroom has one main focal point- the bed. This is the feature the room is named for, and it is the whole purpose of the room. A bed is easy to dress up to look fabulous. Get yourself a beautiful duvet cover set, some gorgeous European pillows, styled with some smaller standard pillows, then look to the floor and gauge how much room you have to place a sheepskin rug.

3. Place sheepskin cushions on top of your pillows

Tie your cool bedroom look together with some much needed cushions. Sheepskin cushions are the key to a cohesive bedroom space. They are the finishing touch that balances out your space and bring it all together in harmony.

Sheepskin Cushions

Add sheepskin cushions to contrast the colours the cushions rest on. This will add visual interest and create an elegant, modern look. On a bed, it's pillows and cushions that you need to bring style and artistry to your sleeping area. Get large and medium cushions, and stack them at the head of the bed in descending order. Add a small sheepskin in the centre or two centred in front of the medium pillows as an accent, and match them to a throw or rug that you've used elsewhere in the space.

If you have a bedroom chaise or lounging chair add a sheepskin pillow set that matches your bedroom to bring balance and create a space that is an interior design masterpiece. One black cushion might be enough if you want a minimal look, but don't be afraid to play with colour. Use light blue or pink cushions to add a feminine touch to your bedroom decor, or match your sheepskin to the wallpaper in your bedroom.

4. Add a sheepskin bean bag chair

Sheepskin Cushions

When thinking of a cool bedroom for kids you might think of something like a moon lamp, or a cool Star Wars poster. But when it comes to cool room decor with comfort and style in mind, nothing beats a sheepskin bean bag chair. Bean bags made out of a high quality natural material like sheepskin are the best. They make sure you experience extra level of comfort with an irresistibly plush fleece, silky to the touch and soft on your skin. Sheepskin is a high quality long lasting natural fibre that is naturally durable and perfect for everyday use in the home.

5. Add a set of sheepskin stones

When looking for cool things for your bedroom you can't go past a set of sheepskin stones. Sheepskin stones are your ultimate lounging companion. These 'stones' are small cushions that are specially shaped for lounging on the floor, couch or bed. These clever pieces are practical, yet also appealing to the eye. Sheepskin stones create furniture where there is none. These beauties come in a set of three different sizes which you can use in a limitless combination of ways when lounging to create the best experience. Use them to prop yourself up to read a book, or as a armrest or footrest at the end of a long day. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

Style your stones by stacking them smallest to largest on a natural side table or corner table. Whether you go for an elegant white or one of the beautiful shades of grey, these stones will look best if colour matched to a blanket, throw, or rug. Use a couple of cushions on your bed in combination and you will have an effortlessly stylish bedroom design- it's that simple!

Is sheepskin durable?

One of the most valuable characteristics of sheepskin is its durability. Because sheepskin is so durable, products are not subject to the normal wear and tear that eventually ruin other synthetic products.

Incredible Durability: Sheepskin is the only natural fiber that can be bent over 20,000 times and still retain its shape without breaking or tearing. Sheepskin coats and sheepskin gifts can last for decades when cared for properly. With proper care, even the softness and shape will remain intact over dozens of years. It is not uncommon to hear of people who wear the same sheepskin jacket for 20 plus years. Make sure you opt for high quality sheepskin, what you pay is what you get and it is worth the price for a lifetime of comfort!

Is it easy to clean?

There is a waxy coating on the outer layers of sheepskin fibres called lanolin. Naturally occurring, lanolin makes the fibres slippery, making it harder for dust, dirt, liquid to take hold and inhibiting the growth of allergens.

The upshot is that your sheepskin rug will resist soiling and release dirt easily. Meaning it probably doesn't have to be washed as often as you think.

For the most part you should be able to keep your sheepskin rug in mint condition with these three simple steps:

  1. Vacuum throughly once a week, using a plain suction unit (no fancy turbo or rotation units)
  2. Regularly take your rug outside and give it a shake.
  3. Spot clean any spills or marks as they happen. Blot gently with a damp cloth.

If you establish a regular routine using steps 1 -3 above, then you may not have to do anything more.

But of course, this is life and accidents happen. If you find spot cleaning isn't enough to remove a particular mark or spill, then try running it under cold water.

  • Hold the dirty part of your sheepskin under a running cold tap for a minute or two.
  • Then use a towel (paper towels also work well) and press gently to soak up the remaining liquid.
  • If the wet area ends up being quite large, try standing on the towel and pressing gently with your feet.

If you encounter what looks like a stubborn mark, refer to my stain removal guide . If you feel your sheepskin still needs further cleaning consider having it dry cleaned. 

Is sheepskin hypoallergenic?

The natural oils in wool's fibres repel water, dust and dirt. Which helps prevents the growth of allergy inducing bacteria (mould, mildew, dust mites etc) and makes sheepskin a great choice if anyone in your family suffers from asthma.

Shag rugs made of sheepskin are natural and hypoallergenic, making them safe even for your little ones. The fabric won’t irritate your child’s skin. In fact, sheepskin is a premium product that is soft and gentle on the skin.

The softness will keep your child comfy and warm during playtime, and this is why lambskin rugs for babies are the top choice for  worldwide. 

Being 100% natural it's good for your skin - the natural oils are moisturising, its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial to boot. Whats more, being a byproduct of sheep farming it's sustainable and completely bio-degradable too.


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