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How to Enhance the 'Empty Corner of Room Nooks' in Your Home

Corners can be a tricky part of interior design. Do you need to decorate an empty corner? Will a corner decoration look too cluttered?

Depending on your floor space and room layout, a blank corner might work perfectly within your space. But for some interiors that empty corner might just need something else. But what?

We've compiled a few of our favourite ways to decorate an empty corner in living rooms and other areas of your home. Transform your awkward corner into a spot you'll be totally inspired by, every time you walk into the room.

Living room corner ideas for comfort and style:

Spruce up your empty living room corner with a gallery wall, create a dining room or breakfast nook, or add a bar cart or drinks cabinet. There are numerous ways to fill a blank space or an awkward corner that doesn't look quite right.

The following is a short list of stylish ways in which to create an eye-catching focal point in the empty corners of any room in your home.

1. Create a reading nook

Reading Nook

Matuki Extra Long Wool Round Designer Floor Rug, Dublin Bay Stone Set and Mt Gold Extra Long Wool Shaggy Bag

What better way to utilise an empty living room corner than with a reading spot?

  • Living room corners are the perfect place for a gloriously comfortable Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag. This special touch of luxury will become one of the most sought after and inviting spots in your home.

  • Add interest and further comfort with a set of Sheepskin Stones. Not only with these look fantastic and become unique decorative objects when not in use, they're also practical and provide extra seating and lounging possibilities.

  • Perhaps this unused space of your family room is crying out for an accent chair. Again, sheepskin is the perfect answer. A sheepskin floor rug with an upholstered side chair makes a wonderful reading corner. Toss a couple of throw pillows on top and you've created a serene and calm corner.

2. Bring the outside in with house plants

House Plants

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Fill the entire space with a large plant. Indoor trees can look stunning and create the wow factor you didn't know you were missing. Plants help purify the air and offer a calming effect for humans. Plus, choose the right ones and they'll look stunning to boot.

You don't need a whole lot of room for plants either. A small space in a corner can easily handle a nice touch of greenery - bring in a tall plant, hang some wall art beside it, and you'll instantly transform neglected nooks in your lonely corners.

A tall houseplant is a great idea for an empty corner in a living room with a vaulted ceiling. You'll add texture and depth to spaces and bring warmth to your living room with an airy touch of nature.

Peace lillies are lovely indoor plant options. Lush and shiny green leaves and seasonal flowering with a low maintenance factor, you really can't go wrong. Faux plants will add a touch of nice greenery, but won't have the same health benefits of the real thing.

3. You can't go wrong with storage space

Your living room corner is a wonderful area to add extra storage space. Functional yet striking storage units are the way to go for a living room.

Decide whether corner cabinets fitted to the wall or unique corner shelves to house books are more your style.

Floating shelves are a good option - they'll provide a perception of spaciousness as walls will remain visible; particularly if you don't fill them completely and paint them the same color as your walls.

Storage areas can be as beautiful and head-turning as they are functional. Place some unique accessory pieces for added interest, or use the shelves to display family photos.

Transform your empty corner to a home office with a desk area behind a folding screen. Or tuck the desk neatly into the area and be sure to bring in a desk with small storage for your laptop and anything else that you may want to pop out of sight from time to time.

4. It's all down to the lighting


Mt Gold Extra Long Wool Shaggy Bag

Brighten your corners and create an ambient glow with a unique and interesting floor lamp. Lighting in any space is the cornerstone of home decorating. If you're not blessed with ample natural light, you'll have to get creative with your own.

Bringing balance and energy to your interior spaces can be down to the lighting choices and in turn, how effectively you can use your rooms.

A rustic wood piece or brushed metal lamp stand will bring elements of farmhouse and industrial style to your room. Further enhance this look with a hanging wicker chair or simply place a sheepskin rug beside the lamp. You can't beat natural materials, ever.

A small side table with a dimmer lamp can cast just the right light at certain times of the day. Play around with what brings the most pleasing aesthetic and what is most functional.

What to do with empty corner space in a bedroom?

Sometimes an empty space can enhance a room if it's left, well, empty. It's important to note that an unused corner doesn't necessarily have to be filled. But sometimes, corners just need that little something extra.

  • Make your bedroom corner sing with a small side chair, lamp and some hanging artwork that inspires and calms you.

  • If you have a wonderful, light, airy and spacious bedroom, a corner with plenty of natural light could be the perfect spot to build a window seat.

  • Corners are convenient spots to place a bed, but it's always a good rule of thumb to leave a few inches of space between the bed and the wall. Practice feng shui when arranging your bed - choose the opposite wall to the door when placing a bed in a corner that faces the entrance to the room.

What about a kitchen corner?

A breakfast nook is a fabulous idea in a kitchen if space allows. You really don't need a whole lot of room to make one work. A small table and a couple of compact bench seats or chairs is all you need for an intimate setting.

Another great corner idea for a kitchen is to set up a coffee station. If you're a person who can't do without their daily coffee, consider investing in a machine you're proud to display. An upscale barista machine and coffee grinder will save plenty of pennies down the the track.

Enhance this little nook of the gathering and 'breaking bread' space in your home - decorate with a side chair and sheepskin seat pad for a touch of sophisticated luxury and charm. A coffee corner, if you will.

To conclude:

Whether you decorate an empty corner or leave it empty, there are endless ideas about how to design your spaces. If you're really stuck on what will work for you then seek advice from interior designers and do some research online.

So many websites (including our Wilson and Dorset 'Journal' and 'Blog' pages) have inspiring ideas about how to decorate a corner in a bedroom, a living area and anywhere else within your home. Use these resources!

You can't go wrong and trial and error might be how you decide to decorate your corner spaces, or not. There are no hard and fast rules and you'll quickly figure out what reflects your personality and makes the corner work for you.

Find the right balance of what works and what doesn't. Find your inner interior designer and have fun getting creative with decor decisions that help your home shine.


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