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Mudroom Ideas To Beautify Your Entrance And Organise Your Home

A well-designed mudroom will quickly become the workhorse of your house, it'll be the highly functional space within your home that you never knew you needed.

Whether you have a small space or a massive mudroom, organising this room or alcove, is key. In this post, we'll talk through how to bring your mudroom ideas to fruition and create a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing space.

What are mudrooms?


Also known as boot rooms, mudroom spaces are wonderful areas at either the main entryway of a home or through a garage or laundry room entrance. A functional mudroom just requires some sensible organising and doesn't have to be huge. It could even be a little nook with some wall hooks and a small bench.

Mudrooms are places to take off shoes, hang coats, pop a backpack away, stow keys and handbags, and more.

Some mudrooms become the command center of the home with calendars and family schedules displayed, while others are more of a drop zone or catchall space. Although, ideally it's best to avoid turning your mudroom area into a dumping ground.

What should a mudroom include?

The size of your designated area will largely determine your mudroom design. If you're working with a small room or need the space to double-duty as a laundry area, there are plenty of options that will cater to the needs of each family member.

Create warmth and style with sheepskin rugs, a rustic bench seat with sheepskin seat pads to rest while removing footwear, and patterned floor tiles for visual interest. These will also hide a little dirt, which can be convenient, sometimes!

  • Be sure to include some of the below suggestions to your design ideas when putting together your mudroom, research online, and scour Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiring imagery.

1. Mudroom bench

This is not essential, but if space allows, it will be worth its weight in endless use. A bench seat is a place to perch when removing shoes and offers space beneath to store shoes and other items.

A built-in bench can provide extra storage with lift-up seats. Place summer shoes in here during the winter, and winter shoes during the summer.

Spruce your bench seat up a little with some sheepskin seat pads or a sheepskin throw. A long bench with space for a couple of cushions can bring warmth and a wow factor to your mudroom space.

2. Mudroom cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling wall cabinets are the ultimate in mudroom storage. Built-ins will provide a seamless and streamlined look and feel.

For a busy family, the more storage you have in a mudroom the more tidy and organised it will be. To a point. Sometimes we're tempted to overfill empty spaces. Clear or transparent cabinet fronts for visibility are a good way to keep things in check and know which shelf is for hats, and which is for gloves.

Cabinets with a dutch door can be fun for children and a nice way to segregate jackets, hats, and gloves from school bags and sports gear.

Minaret One + Half Sheepskin Rug

Minaret One + Half Sheepskin Rug

3. Cubbies and shelves

Open shelves are great for families with children. Any kind of storage cubbies will provide the additional organising capability with ease that's important for kids. Sports equipment can be stowed neatly away,

Mudroom ideas ought to always include storage of some kind. A streamlined tidy approach will help you feel lighter and on top of your daily game.

4. Hanging hooks

In addition to shelving or cubbies, hooks on walls are another great way to stow bags, hats, and coats. Include a set of low hooks for kids to hang bags and keep things off the floor.

If there is enough room, designate a cubby and hook for each family member. It's a great way to reduce clutter and be sure that everyone can store items away with ease.

Can I create a mudroom by my front door?

Yes, of course. The main entryway doesn't have to be a sort of makeshift mudroom space that always feels temporary.

A console table with a bowl for keys, space underneath for footwear, and a chic, stylish coat rack will turn your entryway into a practical and welcoming area.

Display some family photos and place a potted plant to bring some personality to your front door mudroom. Or, if minimalistic is more your style, utilise a nearby coat closet and keep walls clear.

Should a mudroom have a sink?

If you're lucky enough to have space for a sink, absolutely install a wash-up area. A tile floor will add to the functionality and certainly be easier to clean after dirty shoes have been removed before heading into the main house.

Is your mudroom designed within a shared laundry room? In this case, you'll likely want to include a sink and area for cleaning supplies.

Is a mudroom worth it?

Mt Gold Square Sheepskin Seat Cover

Mt Gold Square Sheepskin Seat Cover

You won't know how useful a mudroom is until you have one.

Whether your mudroom ideas include a secondary entryway in which to hang clothes and install open cubbies with matching wicker baskets, or if it's just a spot for some designer wall hooks, having an area near an entryway to hang and store everyday items, is incredibly handy.

Bespoke and unique wall hooks and a small floor rug instead of a boot tray will add sophistication and a chic place for jackets and bags.

How do you organise a small mudroom?

Mudroom design must contain a storage plan Otherwise, your mudroom will become overloaded, or not used at all.

Baskets or smart galvanized metal baskets for a farmhouse aesthetic that can handle footwear and that slide under a bench will maximise floor space and offer additional ideas to store things.

Shelving is handy but not essential if you don't have the square footage. Figure out what the primary function is and move forward from there.

In conclusion:

A mudroom, boot room, cloakroom, or whatever you decide to call this wonderfully handy room in your house, will be the organisational hub that helps your home run like a well-oiled machine.

Streamlined and practical, it's easy to add personality through a raft of fun yet functional decor accessory pieces. Try matching bins and visually interesting artwork, throw a sheepskin rug over a chair or bench for comfort and texture.

Ideas are plentiful and this functional little space in your house can seamlessly blend into the decor and design style of the home.



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