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Gameroom Ideas That Will Instantly Elevate Your Home

What is a game room?

A game room is essentially an additional room in your home that can be used for a variety of activities and functions. Game room design generally depends on what the room's intended use is.

In America, a game room is commonly located in the basement and many homes are lucky enough to have this extra space. Some will create a home movie theatre and others will turn it into a multi-use, shared room with several functions.

It's a fun place for children and is often used for various recreational activities. A toddler playroom, a teen hang-out, a second living room, as mentioned, a multi-use space that includes a game corner, wet bar, and a big screen for sports games and more...

An unused garage area is an excellent spot in which to create a game room and it's possible to create a space within your home that's dedicated to game room activities, without having a whole room available.

How do you style a game room?

Whether you plan on placing a ping pong table or other tabletop games or creating a seating area for cosy movie nights, there are no hard and fast rules for styling and design.

  1. Colour: your game room's colour scheme can be light and bright with ambient lighting for late-night card games or go fun with bright blue walls and fun artwork.

  2. Wall art: create a vibrant game room that entices the entire family with retro-style framed vintage game boxes decorating the walls. Fill in the gaps with heart-warming family photos for an inviting aesthetic.

  3. Storage: if your game room is also a playroom, good storage space is important to keep toys and games organised. Open cubbies or cube-style storage is easy for children to put things away and see what they want to pull out.

  4. Comfort: there's nothing more luxurious than a large sheepskin area rug. If your game room has a hardwood floor, a large sheepskin floor rug will add texture, comfort, and style to your game room design.

  5. Immersive experience: place a jukebox in a corner and paint a section of wall with chalkboard paint for spontaneous and fun art by kids, adults, and guests!

Further spruce things up with interactive, comfortable, and unique furniture - like Wilson and Dorset's Sheepskin Stone Set collection.

How should I set up a game room?

Designer Floor Rug

Matuki Designer Floor Rug

Decide upon its primary use and remember you don't have to fill the entire room with game tables and oversized couches to create a game room.

For a multi-use space, arrange an L-shaped seating space with a comfortable couch and chair around a screen for a video game corner.

Place a foosball table in the corner and decorate the walls with creative and striking pieces - your game room pictures can be expressive creations that you might love, but are not sure about hanging in the main rooms of your house.

Comfortable seating options should most definitely include sheepskin and also modular furniture for stacking and moving around. Don't skimp on seating options but be wary of overcrowding too.

For sound enthusiasts, a music set-up is another great idea. A vintage jukebox and record player will not only add visual interest and curiosity to your game room, but be an immersive and interactive party space for all.

What do you put in a game room?

Game room ideas are really quite endless. What to put in them? This part can be tricky to decide upon.

A video game room will be centered around a screen. Why not add some fun with cool gaming chairs in unique shapes and designs. We recommend a Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Chair at the very least. Other ideas can include things like:

  • A double-duty table that offers ping pong and air hockey.

  • Most game room ideas include a foosball table - nobody ever gets bored of this fun game!

  • A table for board games, the kind you can leave up for days - epic battles of monopoly and Risk.

  • Create a gaming room that is a fun, welcoming, and playful space with unique furniture

For a more serious aesthetic set up a poker table with a dart board fixed to the wall in a corner nook of the room.

Shaggy Bean Bag

Mt Gold Shaggy Bean Bag

Game tables like a pool table and ping pong table are wonderful additions to a game room if space allows. Folding options are convenient for a multi-purpose room.

If your extra room includes grand video game room ideas, you'll need good wall space for a large tv and comfy chairs for playing video games.

Is a game room like a bonus room or a rumpus room?

Yes! It's exactly like this. It's really an additional space that has enough room for some comfortable seating that either the whole family can enjoy time in or that can be turned into, well, a game room.

Game room ideas vary broadly from person to person. To some, it might mean an exclusive video game room and to others, it might be about the vintage pool table being the main attraction.

How big does a game room need to be?

A game room doesn't need to be huge. Turn an unused guest room into a gaming area or hang out space

However, if you have the space for a pool table, foosball table, and more, go for it! Your house will be the local neigbourhood hang-out spot.

Game rooms can be any size. A small dining table in the corner of a room is the perfect card and board game space, and can also be used for dining.

What about game room ideas for a small space:

  • Game room furniture doesn't have to be great big sectional sofas and it's important to note that game rooms don't have to be huge!

  • However, it's a good idea to determine one or two functions for a smaller space as it'll certainly be easier to style and decorate.

  • For a small video game room, consider adding a set of Sheepskin Stones and floor cushions for an interactive, versatile, and space-saving seating arrangement. Easy to stow away, yet fun and luxuriously comfortable.

  • Utilise any natural light and opt for white walls or at least a lighter shade for decor. Don't be tempted to fill the entire space. This is where modular furniture can be an advantage as it can change depending on the room's function.

  • A smaller game room design that includes, say a ping pong table is possible with a fold-up table. Something like this could fit in a guest room/ turned game room.

  • Hang a mirror to provide the perception space.

Is a game room just for games?

Stone Set

Dublin Bay Stone Set

Not at all. If pool tables and arcade games aren't your style, your bonus room could be turned into an art room, an additional living room, or a space dedicated to homework and crafting.

A game room is a versatile bonus room in your home and its design plan is entirely up to you. Place a comfortable chair with a sheepskin floor rug and blanket for a quiet reading room. Install bookshelves and unique lighting for a glorious library room.

Whether you plan to play games or create an in-house movie theatre, this additional room is an opportunity for a changing space as a family's needs change over time. Perhaps it began as a children's playroom and eventually becomes an empty-nester gym room.

The takeaway:

Bring your favourite game room idea to fruition and make your room feel exactly how you envision it. A climbing wall, a floor area for games of twister, a small snug for playing video games, and more.

Have fun designing and creating your game, bonus, rumpus, or rec room and don't be too serious about it. Add plush comfort and luxury with sheepskin and bring in texture and warmth with creative artwork and playful, unique furniture choices.

Find inspiration for your game room ideas on Pinterest and other online platforms - there is truly something for everyone! And, be sure to take a look around our website for Sheepskin Stone Sets and our Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Chairs.


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