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A Guide to Choosing Floor Cushions for Your Home

Change the way you think about relaxing and gathering - adopt a free flowing system through lounging at ground level.

Dynamic, moveable and adaptable to any room or space, a floor pillow, lush rug and other low seating options will transform your decor and bring style and comfort to your home.

What are floor cushions used for?

A floor cushion is simply a large pillow or soft chair, tossed on the floor that provides extra seating options within your home. Bring your lounging to ground level with the comfort of a floor pillow or large cushions.

Floor Cushions

A lush Sheepskin rug with a range of floor pillows can transform your living area. Create flexible and adaptable ways to live and save on space within your home.

Curate comfortable, pared back casual family rooms without traditional furniture, or add additional comfort and style. With the right fabric choices, floor pillows can be used both inside and outside.

What is the best filling for a floor cushion?

How you plan to use your floor pillows and how soft or firm your preference is, will help determine the kind of material you'll fill it with.

Here's a quick starter for ten:

  • Cotton, recycled cloth and newspapers can work for a dense and supportive fill and is excellent for something like a Moroccan pouf or similar.
  • Foam comes in several levels of density and there are some excellent organic and recyclable products available today. This is a cost effective option and works well for kids play rooms with removable covers.
  • Bean bag fillers are another great idea. At Wilson and Dorset we recommend a Premium Bead filling, which is a micro bead, 100% recyclable. Choose a bean with a high density that will last longer and resist the level of compression that occurs with regular bean bag fillers.
  • Polyester filling is a good recyclable option as well.

Where do you put floor cushions?

Because they offer an abundance of versatility, they can go anywhere you want to place them!

Floor Cushions

At Wilson and Dorset we embrace the idea of layered sheepskin area rugs with a carefully selected range of Stone Sets and a Sheepskin Shaggy Bag with a Footstool. The wonderful simplicity of being closer to the earth can't be beat.

A baby spends a lot of time on the floor as well. Sheepskin is perfect for babies and you can learn more about that in this post here. Hence, bringing yourself to a relaxing phase at floor level is a wonderfully interactive way to be.

Lounging on the floor is a casual and comfortable way to reimagine the way you inhabit your space. Beside the fire, outdoors in the summer, the options of where to use a floor cushion are endless.

Can I use throw pillows as floor cushions?

Of course. Throw pillows are generally smaller than a floor pillow so depending on your use, may not provide the same level of comfort and versatility.

Floor Cushions

If you're not sure about integrating a floor pillow and ground level comfort items to your spaces, try the throw pillows on your sofa first.

And blankets?

There is no reason blankets can't be snuggled into on the floor. Wrap yourself up, or, to make a pillow or cushion, fold it into a square shape to provide just the right amount of cushioning you need.

A sheepskin is perfect for laying on a floor. They are excellent for babies and for general relaxing.

Blankets also make the best forts for kids and add a cosy addition to your living spaces. Not only that, they have a multitude of uses.

What is an ideal size for a floor cushion?

A standard size for a floor pillow or cushion is 36 by 36 inches or 91 by 91 centimetres.

Floor Cushions

With that said, this versatile addition to your home decor can come in all shapes and sizes as we've mentioned.

For example, a Shaggy bag and Stone Sets are very different sizes and yet serve a similar function. That being; luxurious comfort at ground level.

What is a meditation cushion?

This is a pillow or cushion that provides optimal support during the practice of meditating.

Meditation usually takes place in a sitting or kneeling position so it's important to have a dense filling that supports joints and offers comfort for long periods of sitting.

Woven round cushions often filled with buckwheat for density, are common for a meditation floor pillow.

Are floor cushions a good idea in a living room?

Yes, most definitely. For a large family with kids and within a busy home, they're an excellent addition to a living room.

Movie nights can accommodate everyone, games nights can be forever changed with everyone having a comfortable cushion to sit on.

Give your living space an update and spruce up with a collection of floor pillows. We can't tell you enough how Sheepskin is one of the most durable, natural and comfortable products to choose for seating options in your home.

What about a bean chair?

A bean bag chair is the performance model of a floor pillow or cushion. They're easy to move around from room to room and will provide a little more back support than sitting crosslegged or laying on a flatter surface.

Bean chairs are great for kids too. They can spruce up children's bedrooms and add a cosy element to any room in your home.

We recommend at least one Shaggy Bean Bag per household! Lean back, kick off your shoes and find the ultimate comfort in relaxation. These are adaptable to any space, provide extra seating and are designed to roam from room to room.

Is wool a good material for a floor cushion?

Yes, absolutely. We believe that wool is best for, well, practically everything.

Wool is the epitome of comfort for homeware products, clothing and more! There's a reason it has stood the test of time and has been used for all manor of creativity for centuries.

The unique structure of wool gives it a natural robustness and durability. The thin waxy coating contains fatty acids that repel and release dirt easily and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Would could be more perfect for floor lounging?

How do I clean cushions and pillows that are used on the floor?

Floor pillows with a removable cover are a convenient and easy way to wash. Depending on the fabric, it might be as easy as tossing the cover into a washing machine. We recommend checking care labels first.

Wool is surprisingly easy to clean as well. Shake out rugs or bean chairs often. Wool product can also handle a vacuum, although take care to use suction only and not a rotating head. For more on wool care, download Wilson and Dorset's care guidelines here.

Anything else?

Floor pillows and cushions, quite simply, bring you back to basics. Simple and streamlined yet inviting living room spaces with floor level comfort create a luxurious and warm environment.

Luxurious comfort at ground level creates visual interest and adds style and depth to your living spaces. At the same time you can save space, if needed and if you shop sensibly, your pieces will last a lifetime.


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