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Growing Boys: Room Decor Ideas

Children's bedroom ideas can be so fun to plan. Kids grow quickly! We've put together boys bedroom ideas that you can apply to any kids bedroom.

Where do I start with decor for my boys bedroom?

Any child's bedroom needs some basics and will likely need a refresh during the growing years.

Boys Room Ideas

Boys bedroom ideas and plans are certainly no different to girls or gender neutral rooms in this regard. Here's a brief list to get the creative ideas moving:

  • Storage: toys and clothes will have to live somewhere.
  • Nightstand & Dresser: if you opt for pieces that won't date then they'll just need the occasional paint job or sand to refresh them.
  • Shelving for themed rooms and additional storage: something for books, to showcase skateboards, to line up the sneaker collection or keep the guitar picks in order - open shelves are a great way to display your boys favourite things.

How do I organise my 10 year old's room?

Ah, yes - organisation is imperative in kids bedrooms! When considering decorating ideas for children, storage solutions are a top priority.

Boys Room Ideas

Whether you select an open storage display style unit or integrate cubby shelving into a wardrobe, it's important to keep things simple. Open shelves are excellent for younger kids as they can see what goes where and it's easy for them to put items away.

What are some other good bedroom ideas for boys?

Think about what items your kids have in their rooms. Then move forward from there. Shelving units with clear pull-out bins are great for visibility and easy access. Bold colours with a pop of brightness and fun here and there are good starts and if space allows, a hang out area is a great integration.

How do you make a boys room cosy?

Creating a cosy feel to a boys room is as simple as a lush sheepskin shaggy bean bag or a boldly striped arm chair with a blanket. Place something like this in the corner of the room or at the end of the bed to provide a cosy reading nook or hang out area to add instant cosiness.

Boys Room Ideas

Floor rugs and extra bed pillows that can be snuggled into are other fabulous ways to bring a cosy feel to your young boy's room.

How do I redo my kids room on a budget?

By far, the easiest way to redo any room, let along a kids room, is through a coat of paint. It's cost effective and colour ideas are endless.

Bedding and furniture updates are other ways to refresh a bedroom. Think about purging old toys and clean out the closet - simply spring cleaning the space and changing furniture around will feel like a redo. Scour sales and think about reworking existing pieces.

What kind of bed is best for a boy's room?

This is really a matter of personal preference. If your boy has outgrown their first small bed and are now ready for something more long-term, it's a good idea to go for quality that will stand the test of time.

Boys Room Ideas

Bunk beds are fun and good space savers. If you're happy to be changing up your style for later years, then a loft bed with a hang out or study area underneath will be perfect. Otherwise, it's worth considering long term comfort and durability. Kids grow, but you do want them to get a good sleep each night as well.

How can I update a bedroom for my teen boy?

This is a fun project to embark on together. Be sure to get your son's input and work through ideas as a team. It's important to get buy-in from your teen but it's just as key to ensure the room will do them well through study and exam time.

Paint colour, artwork and bedding are the easiest and most cost effective ways to update teen bedroom spaces.

Create a hang out space for your teen boy:

Teens like to bring friends home and if they have a safe, comfortable and fun yet practical space in which to enjoy each other's company, then you're winning. Sheepskin Stones, a daybed with extra pillows and floor rugs are perfect.

How can I make my boy's room adventurous?

Boys bedroom ideas are really quite endless. To tap into your child's adventurous spirit, think about the following:

  • Mini climbing wall
  • Basketball hoop on the back of the door
  • Hammock strung from the ceiling (with sturdy reinforcement!)
  • A slide from the top bunk or loft bed
  • Climbing net

What are some timeless things for boy's bedrooms?

It's important to consider storage solutions and particular artwork that will appeal through the ages. If you invest in quality furniture that will last through growing years, you won't need to update. Classic artwork and items that will span ages, but still be functional and fun are a good start.

Think of things like a sheepskin floor rug or a shaggy bean bag - they'll add texture and interest, while lasting a lifetime and offering practicality as well.

What are good colours for a boys bedroom?

Anything can work. This is the easiest part to freshen up and change out. Navy blue makes a wonderful accent wall and is a strong shade. Light grey is versatile and will stand the test of time through growth changes.

Bedding is another consideration - bold rugby stripes will work just as well for a toddler as for a 17 year old. A fixed floating shelf can house themed favourites through the ages and is great for additional storage.

Don't forget about wallpaper for an idea:

Wallpaper is a fun, dynamic way to bring in interest and dimension. Brick and graffiti patterns are ideal to pair with themes. The options here are endless.

Cool, stylish and bright for your boy's bedroom:

Bring in brightness and pops of colour through texture and wall art. Sheepskin is durable and has exceptional qualities that make it perfect for bedrooms. Fun art and photos are other great ways to brighten a space.

Let's talk about themed rooms:

If you want your kids to enjoy their rooms it's a good idea to roll with their themed suggestions, sometimes. Whether your boy is mad keen on space, a budding paleantologist who is obsessed with dinosaurs, loves the outdoors and bikes, or is a sport enthusiast, it's easy to incorporate a theme into rooms.

Hang art that's easy to switch out. Bedding and textiles are also fun ways to create themes.

Decorating ideas for a child's study room:

  • A good desk with drawers
  • A comfortable chair
  • Notice board or pin board
  • Don't be tempted to fill the space with too many distractions
  • Accent walls to designate the area

What are some good small bedroom ideas?

Loft beds are great space savers since you can place a cool lounge area or desk underneath. Bunk beds are also a functional. space spacing option. It's important to have decent storage for small rooms so things can be put away easily.

Really all that's needed in bedrooms is a bed, nightstand and a wardrobe. If there's space for a desk and dresser then that's great. Don't be tempted to put too many things in small bedrooms.

Here's how to make a smaller room feel spacious:

Always utilise natural light where possible and opt for light paint colours. Ceilings should be painted a crisp white and consider hanging mirrors to reflect light and offer a perception of space.


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