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Modern Kitchen Ideas: What to Choose For the Hub of Your Home

A true modern style in the interior design world references an era that was most popular during the mid-1900s. The decor was typically minimalistic and defined by geometric forms, few adornments or embellishment and clear flat surfaces. The same approach can be taken for modern kitchens today.

What is a modern style kitchen?

Today's modern kitchens are interactive areas where people gather and connect. A modern kitchen will often include an eat-in kitchen island or it might be an open plan space that leads from kitchen to dining to living.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

In the current era, a modern kitchen still harks back to the mid-century modern style of clean lines and streamlined countertops but will include a warmer aesthetic with more natural and eco-concious pieces throughout.

Everything has a place and surfaces will be devoid of clutter. Function and sleekness with a welcoming look and feel are a part of today's modern kitchens.

  • A modern kitchen will evoke images of sleek, sophisticated yet fun and simple design.
  • Cabinets may feature very little or no hardware.
  • Features will include things like soft close drawers and streamlined cabinetry.
  • Unless your toaster is a high end and unique looking appliance, it will probably not live on your kitchen countertop or bench, but you will have easy access to such items.

Modern kitchens will adopt a crisp, clean and somewhat minimalist aesthetic. A tile backsplash that blends in nicely, fresh white cabinets and light natural wood accents are all part of a modern kitchen interior design look and feel.

What are the latest kitchen ideas?

Popular ideas for kitchen decor include beautiful smooth slabs of quartzite for counter tops and bench spaces. Industrial accents like rustic wood and brushed metal bar stools are timeless on-trend additions as well. Streamlined counter tops that are clear of clutter feature prolifically.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Make a statement and consider including fun and bespoke pendant lights over your eat-in kitchen area or dining table.

Deep drawers instead of cupboards under countertops and benches are a great way to optimise not only space, but also ease of access to bulky items.

  • Industrial materials like a polished concrete floor have their place in some homes and look stunning. Soften a space like this with a little interest. For example; a white subway tile backsplash with a navy blue tone for cabinets, classic stainless appliances and sink, unique pendant lighting hanging over high work surfaces will all work well.
  • Streamlined countertops and sleek finishes will provide clear spaces to work from. This is where a kitchen island or deep drawers within cabinet spaces work well - easily accessible items to add function and efficiency.
  • Concrete ,stone and wood all have their place within today's modern kitchens and it depends on the overall style of the home and how you decorate the space as to what is best.

In general, there will be bold elements of eco-conscious living, modern technology and a minimalist aesthetic - clean lines and no clutter.

How do I design a timeless kitchen?

Your kitchen space is often the hub of the home. It's usually where the best parties end up and is often the homework, art and craft, and sometimes home office set up.

A well designed kitchen should be a functional room with plenty of space for everything to live. Good lighting is essential. A timeless and classic styled kitchen doesn't have to appear mundane. It's a big expense to design and update kitchens. You want to do it once and do it right.

Here are a few ideas about what to consider for a timeless kitchen space:

  • Stainless steel is a timeless choice in modern kitchen design
  • Smooth finished tile or frosted glass is great for backsplashes. .
  • Keep things reasonably simple and don't over decorate.
  • Opt for long lasting flooring solutions - hardwood is a classic kitchen floor material that wears exceptionally well and can be easily touched up if needed.
  • A timeless kitchen will tie in with the overall interior of your home and yet be fairly neutral.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary kitchens?

Modern design, as we've mentioned, references the mid-1900s era where a more streamlined and clutter-free approach was, and still is, popular. Geometric furniture and flat cabinets with little or no hardware feature heavily. Tiles are incorporated into kitchen decor and a designer will often use bold angles and curves into the scene. It's a pared back aesthetic and works well for today's busy lifestyles.

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Contemporary design is more of a fluid approach to decor. It's about the here and now and what is currently trending in the world of design. A kitchen designed in a contemporary style will, of course, need to be functional and it will include technologically advanced elements and be eco-friendly with similar minimalist features of a modern style.

How can I bring warmth to a white kitchen?

You really can't go wrong with a white kitchen. With a white backdrop as your canvas, you can achieve a multitude of aesthetics that best reflect your household and personality.

Bring in warm elements through natural wood countertops, warm stone or an accent wall, or some fun and bright decals to break up the stark white. Sleek hardwood floors are a good option too - have them redone in a warmer tone if need be.

Kitchen chairs and bar stools will invite you to nestle in with Sheepskin Seat Covers sitting atop. Wilson and Dorset has a beautiful collection of these with shapes and shades to work with every style of decor. A bench seat is another great place to bring warmth through seat pads, cushions or a sheepskin rug.

Add a pop of colour - just one bright shade can be enough to create a vibrant and inviting look and feel. A fresh vase of flowers or a touch of greenery and a warm-toned light fitting can change the vibe.

How do I style my modern kitchen?

Function and style can go hand in hand when it comes to kitchens. For a sleek, easy-to-clean and modern looking kitchen, less is more. Try to keep counter tops and benches clear from clutter.

Be sure to have designated spaces for everything so appliances don't have be sitting out all the time. Don't be afraid to bring in colour through playful artwork and colourful chairs or breakfast bar stools.

If you're lucky enough to have a window seat then place some Sheepskin Seat Pads to invite people into the space. The same can be done for a breakfast nook.

Tile floors and backsplashes using slate or granite are common as are a smooth surfaced tile for a more elegant approach. Wood and metal are also brought into the modern design and add a wonderful visual interest.


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