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Throw Blanket Size: How Big & Which Type Is Best for Home

Throws are a versatile way to jazz up your home. Our guide below will illustrate all that you need to know to get the perfect throw, style it, and dress your home to look it's best.

What is the difference between throw and blanket?

Throw Blanket

A throw and a blanket are one in the same in some ways. A throw is a blanket, however a blanket isn't always a throw. A blanket is charactered by it's ability to cover a person and bring warmth and comfort. Throws do this too, they are commonly sized for one person to cozy up underneath while reading a book, or watching a film. Throws are made for more than just that though. A throw is a style piece that is commonly used in interior design to add texture, colour and pattern to a space. A throw is a multi-purpose blanket. The humble blanket is your practical flat trainers, while a throw is that trusty pair of heels that you bring out to doll up an outfit. Both do the job, but one will do it with more style!

What is a throw blanket used for?

The two most common places to display your throw are on your bed as a decorative piece, and on the sofa as a perfect option to add that extra layer of comfort and warmth. Both of these placements have dual purpose. Use your throw blanket as a great decor offering, then use it in the colder months to add warmth to your bed or couch!

How do you dress a bed with a throw?

The great thing about throws is that you can style them messy intentionally to give off a casual chic look. Place your throw diagonally across the corner of the bed, then guide it into natural creases for a simple effortless decor option.

Create a solid panel of colour across the centre of your bed horizontally to draw attention to the texture and styling of your throw. This looks great with natural throws like fur or sheepskin, as it adds a texture and depth not provided by a typical bedspread.

Much like the above, you can place your throw horizontally across the foot of the bed, to dress the end with luxury and provide a perfect, simple, contrast to make your bed into a work of art.

Bed Throw

The great thing about a throw, is as it's name suggests, you can just throw it into different configurations and have a play! Explore your creative side to unleash your inner interior designer and find the best fit for your bedroom.

How do you dress a couch with a throw?

A classic option would be to drape your throw/s over the arm of your chairs. This is a sure fire way to add some texture, especially if you have a wool, sheepskin or even faux fur throw.

In a similar fashion you can drape your throw over the back of your sofa. For a casual style, place your throw diagonally across one side of the couch, and then place three cushions, one of the same fabric/material, in the opposing corner of the couch.

For a more streamlined look, place your throw evenly centred over the back of the couch as a decorative feature. If you have a sheepskin throw these methods are a sure fire way to add simple luxury to your living space.

What is the size of a throw blanket?

Throw blankets come in a few sizes, but are not typically categorised in the same way that a regular blanket is. Blankets for the bedroom come in distinct sizes and a designed to fit the bed for which the sizing is named. A throw blanket is often designed to stand out, not fully cover the bed or sofa that is inhabits, so the sizes don't correlate exactly. This gives you much more freedom in design and style.

Window Throw

The average size of a throw blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches or 127cm by 152.4cm. Of course, not all throw blankets are the same, so if you are buying online be sure to check the dimensions so as to not get caught out.

What size is a queen throw blanket?

As mentioned above, a throw is not typically designed to cover your whole bed in the same way a regular blanket would. A standard queen sized blanket that would cover the entirety of your mattress would typically be 90 inches, by 90, or sometimes up to 94 inches. In cm this amounts to a blanket that is 228cm by the same, or 228cm by 238cm. With the duality of a throw, and it's function as a design piece, you would want to use a smaller throw than a true standard size queen. Our recommendation would be a 60" by 80" throw (152cm by 203cm).

What size throw do you need for a king size bed?

There are throw blankets out there of all different sizes, so if you have a larger bed that you need to make more homely, you may want to go bigger to break up the larger appearance of the bed and make less dwarfing in your space.

A good size option to have many styling options would be a throw that's 72" by 80" (183cm by 203cm). This is a good size to have as it's got flexibility to use a larger component of your bed, or to be folded and made to cover less.

Are throw blankets warm?

Generally yes, however often not as warm as a purpose built blanket for warmth. Often a throw blanket will focus on being soft and luxurious. A sheepskin throw will be warm, a thin fleece throw may be quite light and airy. A woolen weaved sheepskin throw can be warm while being breathable for 3-4 seasons of comfort.

What makes a good throw blanket?

  • A good throw blanket will match your space
  • A good throw blanket will be cozy to snuggle under watching a film or reading a book
  • A good throw blanket will be life proof- easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and robust enough to withstand a family environment.

What is the softest throw blanket?

It's hard to beat a sheepskin on softness. Made by nature, for nature, a sheepskin is soft, lofty, and fluffy, and evolution has shaped it to stay that way. Over time other fabrics will collect dirt and dust, and often faux fabrics such as a polyester fleece will hold morsels of dirt and grime between their fibres which will wear away at the luxe of the throw making it lose its soft appeal quickly. These fabrics will often feel super soft to begin with, as a new fleece jumper does, however that soft appeal will not last. You'll find a sheepskin that is spot cleaned and regularly shaken out will remain soft for a lifetime.


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