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How do I choose the right Sheepskin Blanket for a twin size bed?

Whether you call it twin sized or single, a one person bed can be harder to decorate than a king size or queen size bed. Fear not, adding sheepskin is something easy, and a very stylish bedding solution to decorate your twin size mattress!

How do I choose a good sheepskin blanket for my twin bed?

This depends on the purpose your sheepskin is serving.

If you are using your sheepskin as an underlay blanket placed over your mattress, you want to ensure there's over hang on the sides of your bed. A standard twin sized bed is 38 inches, so you'll want at least 42 inches of width on your sheepskin. The extra width will stop your sheepskin from sliding around on your mattress and ensure it stays flat.

Sheepskin Bed

If you want your sheepskin for a top layer blanket, you want it to comfortably cover your body. As a minimum, get a blanket that is as long as you from nose to toes and at least the width of your bed (38 inches). If you are unsure make the choice to go bigger. A big sheepskin will only serve to be more cozy, and you're unlikely to regret feeling more luxury!

If you are wanting a sheepskin for display purposes, decide whether a throw or a blanket will be right for you, then select the size that best suits your decor needs.

Is a twin blanket bigger than a throw?

Yes, More often than not a twin size blanket will be bigger than a throw.

What is the difference between a blanket and throw?

A throw and and blanket serve different bedding purposes. A throw is often primarily designed as a decor piece to add layers of style to your home. A blanket serves the purpose of being a heating, cooling, or weighted solution to cover up and achieve warmth and comfort. Due to this, a throw is usually smaller than a standard sized blanket.

Is it safe to sleep under a sheepskin blanket?

Yes! Not only is wool soothing and comfortable, it's also very breathable. Sleeping under a sheepskin blanket allows your body to regulate itself much more effectively than synthetic fibres do, bringing you a good night sleep.

Is sheepskin good to regulate body temperature?

Yes. Designed by nature for the elements, sheepskin has thermoregulatory affects. What this means is that it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. This process is not magic, but rather science. Wool wicks away moisture 7 times faster then its synthetic equivalent, and then releases it into the air. This keeps your temperature regulated by taking sweat away from your core and allowing your body to be more efficient in its thermoregulation. Stay comfortable the natural way!

How do you keep sheepskin blankets soft?

Sheepskin Bed

Sheepskin is a hardy material forged by years of evolution in the harsh elements of nature. Because of this, sheepskin has natural oils imbedded in the pile like lanolin, an oil which keeps your sheepskin soft. Naturally, your sheepskin will stay soft with very little effort. To prolong the life of your product, implement a regular care routine. Shake out your sheepskin regularly. Vacuum it once every week. Doing these small things regularly will mean you can enjoy your sheepskin for years to come.

How do you wash a sheepskin blanket?

If you have implemented a regular care routine, your sheepskin might not need a deeper wash. If spot stain removal is the reason for your wash, try to use localised cleaning methods to deal with the problem area, rather than washing the whole rug.

  • Hold the dirty part of your sheepskin under a running cold tap for a minute or two.
  • Use a towel (paper towels work well) and press gently to soak up the remaining liquid. Be sure to dab at the affected area, not rub.
  • If the wet area ends up being quite big, try standing on the towel and press gently with your feet.


If a full wash is what the doctor ordered then your method will vary depending on whether your sheepskin is natural or dyed, and what the backing material of your sheepskin is. If your rug has a suede backing, then it is best to dry clean only. You definitely do not want to put your beautiful suede through the washing machine.

If your rug has a leather pelt backing, then you can run it through a washing machine, however the backing could harden and lose its original shape. Beware that the backing may never look the same as it did before you washed it, even though the wool fibres will come out looking spectacular.

Dry cleaning is a more safe option. Dyed sheepskin should only be dry cleaned as the colour can run when machine washed. Search for a dry cleaner with experience in sheepskin.

Natural sheepskin can be machine washed under the following guidelines.

  • Wash in warm water (40°C or 104°F).
  • Wash on a gentle cycle.
  • Use a mild liquid detergent that is suitable for hand washing dishes.
  • Allow your sheepskin to dry naturally in a warm shaded area, preferably with a natural breeze.


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