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Huge Bean Bag Chair: How to Make Your Living Space Unique

Back in the 1970s a lounge room was nothing without a slouchy bean bag lounger. Bean Bags are popping up in design blogs, on social media and in your friends modern homes everywhere, looking totally cool and effortless.. It's fair to say Bean Bags are making a strong come back.

Of course, the Bean Bags of today are quite different from those of the 70s. Beautiful natural materials, muted colors, and redesigned shapes make for chairs that read artsy rather than dowdy. There is a reason these slightly bizarre furniture pieces are back in such a big way, not only are they irresistibly comfortable, they are also one of the most transportive furniture pieces around.

One or more Bean Bags will add a flexibility to your home. For solo dreamers; a place to pause and reflect away from the noise, and for larger crews a light, comfortable seating option that can be easily positioned to maximise your fun.

Why are bean bags so comfortable?

Sheepskin bean bag chair

Between the dog, the kids and adults, the Bean Bag Chair is often the most fought over item of furniture in the house. Maybe it's because it's either the end a day (with a wine) or a weekend day (with a coffee) that results in time spent in the Bean Bag Chair, but there's no denying it's the most relaxing place in the house.

Plonking down into a bean bag can truly feel like a giant hug. Bean Bag Chairs are designed to mould to the shape of your body which is where their brilliance lies. They are typically filled with small polystyrene beads or sometimes foam filling or memory foam, all of which move and contour around you.

Unlike sofas and chairs, you can shape your Bean Bag Chair into any position to get comfortable. Whether you want to snuggle down or sit with well aligned posture you can, which is the beauty of having a malleable filling.

What is the best bean bag chair?

There is a huge range of Bean Bag Chairs on the market made using varying materials, in a huge range of shapes and sizes with an array of additional features. Like anything, not all Bean Bag Chairs are made equal and you get what you pay for. Bean Bag Chairs lend themselves to be dropped into and dragged around, so the more durable the better if you want to get some good years out of yours.

With durability, comfort and style in mind, as well as the added bonus of making a true statement and gaining a furniture piece that will be with you for life, Sheepskin Bean Bags are the best. They offer an extra level of comfort with irresistibly plush fleece, silky to the touch and soft on your skin.

Sheepskin is a high quality long lasting natural fibre with its own naturally occurring dirt and moisture protection system. This makes it naturally durable and perfect for everyday use in the home.

How do I choose a bean bag chair?

Considering how you want to use your Bean Bag Chair is a good starting place to deciding which one is right for you. If you are purchasing for your small city apartment and need an extra seating option, one that fits in with your minimal interior aesthetic, considering a higher end, standard size bean bag in a natural material might be best for you.

If you have a family holiday home and need something to drag out onto the balcony or lawn for lounging in the sun or for long evenings around the BBQ you might need something larger, water resistant and durable like a heavy weight canvas.

A standard size bean bag is a good starting point, catering to both the kids and the adults and easily transitioned from space to space.

What size bean bag should I buy?

When we are buying any furniture piece there is usually a significant outlay involved and while a Bean Bag Chair is often a cheaper alternative you still want to make the right choice.

Standard size Bean Bags are the most popular for a reason. They are usually the right balance between being large enough to hold a grown adult in a snuggly embrace and the right size for a child to be able to climb up onto comfortably.

There are some brands that offer extra large sizes, although these can be alot of fun for use outdoors they can dominate a living space which is something to consider when choosing your bean bag.

What are bean bags stuffed with?

Bean Bags have typically been filled with expanded polystyrene beans since the 1970s when they were at the height of their popularity. Now there are a range of fillings on the market including micro beads, foam filling or memory foam.

Wilson & Dorset Shaggy Bean Bags are filled with a premium quality bead filling. These beans are smaller than standard bean bag filling, containing less air and more fill inside. These 100% recyclable, high density beads don’t squash down in the same way as standard polystyrene beans meaning a more dense velvety feeling Bean Bag for a longer period of time.

The good folks at Ambient Lounge have teamed up with us to keep your Shaggy Bean Bag topped up. Use discount code: WILSON DORSET for 15% off bean fills on both their New Zealand and Australian online stores. We recommend the Premium Ultra-Bead, 100% Recyclable, high density beads.

Are bean bags good for posture?

Traditional seating can be un-supportive, too firm, the wrong height and often result in bad posture and slouching. This can cause your muscles to take action unnecessarily or exacerbate existing aches and pains. Bean Bag Chairs provide the perfect middle ground. The filling in Bean Bag Chairs can be extremely supportive at the same time as being malleable enough to conform to the shapes and configurations required for proper posture. The key to achieving good posture in a bean bag chair is keeping your bean bag topped up so it supports your body fully.

Are bean bags good for back pain?

When used correctly, Bean Bag Chairs, can support and provide alignment for your back. Proper posture with the assistance of a large Bean Bag Chair can help to reduce pressure and pain in your shoulders, lower spine and hips for some people.

It is recommended that anyone with a medical diagnosis or serious back issues seek medical advice before using a Bean Bag Chair incase it is not the right thing for your particular circumstances.

The most profound and positive difference between a conventional chair and a Bean Bag is that they promote movement. You are not locked in the same position you have probably been sitting in all day at work or in the car. They provide a alternative fluid way of sitting and moving which can be good for your entire body.

You'll find they can also be a platform for practicing stretches and strength exercises, helping to get you off the couch and connect with your body.

Why do bean bags go flat over time?

Most Bean Bags are stuffed with beads made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is a close relative of Styrofoam. Quality Bean Bags are filled with virgin beads that are manufactured exclusively for use in Bean Bags. These beads have numerous pockets of air inside them, and as they are used, the beads become compressed, reducing their size. This compression, gives the Bean Bag a flat, deflated appearance, and it compromises the comfort and ergonomics of your Bean Bag Chair.

All filling isn't made equal. Good quality beans are smaller and higher density than traditional beans, meaning they contain less air and more fill making them less likely to compress. This in turn means your bean bag will sag less and feel better over a long period of time.

After extended periods of regular no matter what beans you are using you might notice your Bean Bag is starting to look deflated. What was once a fluffy, round and comfortable chair has become more of a puddle. It’s important to keep your bag topped up and as close to its original shape as possible to avoid stretching the outer bag, making it go out of shape and strain the seams. We recommend a small top up once a year or whenever you notice your bag starting to sag.

There is some really positive innovation and investigation happening in the market into some sustainable alternatives to the traditional polystyrene beans and a transition to a fill made from a fully renewable resource. Watch this space.

How do you shape a bean bag?

The key to finding your optimum level of comfort in your Bean Bag Chair is keeping and eye on how full your bag is. If you're heading towards a deflated look rather than a lovely plump bag then you'll find it more difficult to find the perfect position.

Before sitting down it's always a good idea to give your Bean Bag quick fluff up by grabbing a couple of large handfuls of the Bean Bag cover, lifting it off the floor and dropping it down to help rearrange the inner into a nice puddle. It's then a matter of arranging yourself however you feel comfortable. It sometimes helps to prop yourself up against a hard surface or wall if you want a more upright position.

How do you take care of a bean bag?

Bean Bag Chairs are reasonably easy to care for and can last a life time if looked after properly. The more committed you are to caring for your Bean Bag the longer it will last and the better it will look for the duration of its days. The specific care instructions for your Bean Bag will be dependent on what the outer material is made out of. Most bags will have a care label on the inside of the bag which should be your first port of call.

  • One of the key considerations with Bean Bag care is colour fastness. Due to their transportable nature, we often use Bean Bags outside which results in significantly more time in direct sunlight the average furniture piece. Most textiles will fade and degrade when over exposed to direct sunlight, so making sure you are minimising this is key to elongating the life of your bag.
  • When it comes to cleaning, spot cleaning is a great first option and can have great results. Take extra care when cleaning some textiles as it can leave a permanent mark, however if your bean bag is made from Sheepskin spot cleaning is brilliant.
  • Vacuuming is a very important step to taking care of any bean bag, making sure to get into all the seams as well as giving a good shake.
  • Keeping your bean bag topped up is another key point to remember when it comes to care. Keeping an optimum level of beans will not only keep your bean bag at its most comfortable but will also protect the shape of the bag from warping.
  • As tempting as it is to run and jump into your bean bag, (adults I'm looking at you as well) this can strain the seams and ultimately burst your lovely bean bag bubble.

Are bean bags washable?

Most commercial products made from a textile should come with care instructions guiding you as to how to wash and dry your bean bag. Always follow the care instructions and remove the inner bag or filling before beginning any washing process.

Follow these general rules if you are unsure as a good starting point:

  1. If in doubt always handwash over machine wash and even better still dry clean if you can, better to be safe than sorry.
  2. If you are machine washing, a gentle cycle with a low spin in lukewarm water is best.
  3. Always dry in shade.
  4. Don't put in the dryer.

Can you put bean bags in the dryer?

This is highly dependent on what your bean bag cover is made out of and what the recommended care instructions are. My recommendation is never to use the dryer to eliminate the risk of potential shrinkage. Most bean bags have a removable inner bag containing the filling that will need to be taken out before cleaning and drying.

If yours doesn't have a inner bag you'll need to find a large bag to empty all the inner out into before attempting any washing or drying processes. If your bean bag is made of sheepskin it cannot be placed in the dryer.

Bean Bags Chairs are a fantastic seating option that both children and adults love. With so many options on the market you'll find the perfect thing to suit your living scenario.


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