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Indoor Pool House Ideas To Kick Your Swimming Pool Design Plan Into Action

Create a heavenly escape at your own home with an indoor swimming pool. Your pool house might be a space for the whole family to enjoy with a game room and guest suite. Perhaps it's the perfect spot for a book and a cuppa. The options are endless!

Swimming pool designs and grand ideas don't have to be limited to your back garden. Enclose your back patio to build a small pool, add a steam room and enjoy a vacation-style retreat at home every day.

Is an indoor swimming pool a good idea?

If you have the space for an indoor pool by all means go for it! Colder climates can reduce the inclination to enjoy an outdoor pool - it requires some dedication to get out there on chilly mornings. Not so with a glorious heated indoor pool.

Why not create a pool space that you can enjoy through the winter season with a private and heated indoor pool. In colder climates where heating an outdoor pool in frigid temperatures, just becomes unreasonable, a private indoor pool is an excellent idea.

What's more, an indoor pool is perfect for families who may have additional needs and therapy requirements that only swimming and water can provide.

Indoor pool

What would I put in an indoor pool house?

A pool house, not just an indoor pool room, is an additional luxury to complement your swimming pool area. It can be a multi-use space that contains a pool table and lounge chairs, or changing rooms with bedrooms for a guest house.

  • A drinks fridge and kitchenette are a great addition to an indoor swimming pool area.

  • A sheepskin floor might seem impractical, but give it a regular and vigorous shake and it'll go the distance while bringing style and comfort to your pool house. Read our care guide found here for more information.

  • Steam rooms are nice to have if space allows.

  • Create a quaint getaway - a vacation escape at home.

Create a guest suite within your pool house:

If space allows then this is a great option to add to your indoor pool design ideas. A bunk room for the annual family reunion and a small yet gourmet-style kitchen will offer a wonderful space for gatherings and get-togethers.

Consider a loft to utilise ceiling height and include a guest suite and bathroom facitilities.

Utilise a corner for a reading nook:

A bookshelf and a couple of W&D Shaggy Bags will take your pool room to a whole other level.

With good natural light through the use of skylights or windows, you'll have the perfect spot to relax and wind down with a book after some laps.

Add living space to your indoor swimming pool design:

A place to relax and zone out, especially if you have an indoor lap pool that you're enjoying, is a wonderful use of a pool house, not just an indoor

What's the difference between a pool house and a cabana?

A pool cabana is a structure that offers shade and a rest area. They'll typically have three sides and a roof with the ability for air-flow.

A pool house is more of a solid structure with a door that will have rooms within it. It might feature a changing room, a kitchenette and some chairs in which to relax. There'll likely be a lock-up room or utility area that houses the pool maintenance items.

Adding personality to your indoor pool area:

Glen Dene Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Glen Dene Sheepskin Shaggy Bean Bag

Install some large wooden doors that open to the fresh air. Indoor swimming pools certainly require some good ventilation - consider installing windows that open up with plantation shutters for a crisp, fresh aesthetic.

Bring in sheepskin accents for comfort and lounging, but do keep in mind the humidity level of indoor pools, particularly if there is also a hot tub or spa pool.

Sunbrella and other water resistant fabrics are a good option for furniture - fun stripes or sport themes - to tie in with the tennis court, perhaps?

String lights to create a nice ambience in the evenings and add plants to the pool design plans.

Outdoor/ indoor pool house flow:

Sliding doors are a great way to access the outside and surrounding landscape. A bar or kitchenette area within your pool house is a great opportunity to open it up to the garden or patio spaces.

Indoor pools can get sticky and the air can become musty and damp so it's important to consider how to freshen things up. Indoor/ outdoor flow will offer a wonderful balance of both worlds.


Pool cabana

Is it easy to maintain indoor pools?

Swimming pools in general, regardless of whether they're indoor or outdoor, need to be maintained. It's generally true that indoor pools require less maintenance, although there are other things to consider, like humidity, for example.

Overall, once you have your system dialed in, it's just a matter of setting a regular schedule. At the very least a weekly maintenance schedule might have these tasks listed:

  1. Skim the top of the water to remove leaves, bugs and other debris

  2. Empty the filters

  3. Brush the edges and sides of the swimming pool at the water's edge

  4. Vacuum the base of the pool during peak season

There is also other maintaining that includes chemicals (if you decide to use them) and other monthly or bi-weekly tasks. It's not as time-consuming as one might think and the jobs don't really differ between an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor pool.

What is a good size for a pool house?

Glen Dene Quarto Sheepskin Rug

Glen Dene Quarto Sheepskin Rug

This really depends on what its main use will be. If you're planning a guest house with a primary bedroom suite, lush sheepskin rugs and beautiful textiles with an ensuite and gourmet kitchen, then your pool house will need a little more space.

However, if your indoor pool simply requires a room in which to change, shower, and dry off with an area for relaxation or games, the space can be smaller.

Figure out the main usage and move forward from there. If you've moved into a home that has a swimming pool and pool house, you may have an option to extend the pool house a little. Otherwise, work with what you have and consider changing the use between certain seasons.

Some pros and cons to an indoor pool:

There will always be pros and cons to something as comprehensive as a pool.

Key advantages include:

  • Less maintenance

    • No sun damage

    • Less debris to clean out

    • Fewer chemicals are needed

  • All-year-round swimming capability

The main disadvantage with indoor swimming pools is the humidity that develops through lack of fresh air and general air flow. This is where a covered patio or half enclosed option is a good idea.

To conclude:

Turn your indoor swimming pool ideas into a reality and get planning. Obviously a clear design plan is key for something of 'indoor pool magnitude', but if you have the desire, the room and the budget, there's no reason you can't make it happen.


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