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Modernise Your Traditional Interior Design Style with Sheepskin Accents

Warmth, comfort, and familiarity are a small collection of good words to describe the traditional interior design style.

Perhaps it's time to mix things up: Introduce some uniqueness and texture with sheepskin and make your interior spaces stand out.

What is a traditional interior design interior?

Traditional interiors are based largely on European styles of the 18th and 19th centuries with touches of conventional notions of what is perceived as a traditional style home.

It's essentially a slightly muted yet elegant decor that is timeless and classic with neutral palettes and a calming harmonious flow. Traditional elements include matching lamps and chairs, but not so much that it looks like a showroom. There will be a sense of symmetry and not a whole of bright, bold colours.

What does traditional mean in design?

  • A good description of what traditional design is all about is timeless, classic, comfortable, and put together.

  • Nothing will be overly fancy yet an elegant and understated sophistication and class will be present. The overall design will exude an inviting feel to the space.

Is traditional decor still in style?

Matuki Sheepskin Cushion

Matuki Sheepskin Cushion

Traditional interior design is such a wonderfully classic and timeless aesthetic that elements of it will never go 'out of style'. The way our homes tend to be today, with open plan kitchens, dining, and living areas, has altered the original traditional style we usually think about.

When planning a traditional interior design style today, an interior designer will likely include a little more colour and create a hybrid of contemporary with traditional pieces.

Perhaps it's bringing in some classic art mixed with 'trendy', streamlined furniture pieces. Or, a simple spruce up of your dining chairs with the addition of lush, yet fun sheepskin seat pads.

How do I make a traditional living room look more modern?

Matuki Long Wool Sheepskin Shaggy Bag

Matuki Long Wool Sheepskin Shaggy Bag

Blending a traditional design with a more contemporary and popular style is not difficult.

  • Add interesting textiles like sheepskin cushions.

  • Move away from classic stripes in the furnishings and opt for single block shades.

  • Install bright white shutters and remove any valances and heavy window coverings.

  • Bring in luxurious textures and nature-inspired pieces for added interest and depth. A Sheepskin Shaggy Beanchair and Sheepskin Stones are the perfect addition to a traditional room to give it a modern lift.

  • Try switching out your patterned floor rugs for simpler and more streamlined options. Go for solid colours or an abstract design if not sheepskin.

Mixing traditional and modern furniture:

A mix of styles is a great way to add interest and uniqueness to a room and a home. both traditional and modern accessories and styles can bring a sense of elegance and beauty to a space.

A traditional piece of furniture with curved lines and ornate wood patterns will complement its clean, simplistic, and streamlined opposite. A rustic chair with elements of industrial will create a focal point and this mix of styles will bring out the best in each other.

What is the difference between classic and traditional interior design?

Dublin Bay Stone Set

Dublin Bay Stone Set / Matuki Sheepskin Designer Floor Rug

In general, traditional design is a little more simplistic although both these styles share similarities. For example, a classical design may feature carved crown molding and intricate wood detail, whereas the traditional design style will tend to be less ornate.

What are some key characteristics of traditional interior design?

  1. Textiles include subtle patterns and neutral colourways.

  2. Soft furnishings will be tassel-free and straightforward.

  3. A sense of harmony and flow will be apparent through the symmetry of furniture and accessories and rooms will evoke a comfortable feel.

  4. Wood finishes for flooring will be darker and prevalent throughout a home.

  5. There will be nothing overly fancy or ostentatious with traditional interiors.

Sprucing up your traditional interior style with sheepskin accents:

You simply can't go wrong by adding a touch of luxury with sheepskin. Any interior style will be instantly transformed with sheepskin.

  • Try a sheepskin area rug to help anchor a room and tie vintage and traditional with current and on-trend.

  • Introduce sheepskin cushions and throws - simply toss them over the back of a traditional carved wood sofa for a casual, yet sophisticated look and feel.

Finding inspiration through sheepskin

Matuki Single Sheepskin Rug

Matuki Single Sheepskin Rug

Wilson and Dorset's Sheepskin Stone collection is an innovative way to relax and interact at ground level. A plush sheepskin rug and a sheepskin stone set are a dynamic and sumptuous addition to your living space.

Peruse our website for more ideas and research different ways to create the perfect spaces for you - Pinterest, Instagram, and other online platforms are filled with endless suggestions!

How do you give a traditional interior design scheme a contemporary feel?

Mix your antiques with the clean, simple lines of contemporary furniture and art for an upbeat take on traditional.

Modern elements and features can be subtle additions to your mostly traditionally themed interior. Steer away from traditional patterns and too much neutrality or there will be a risk the room may feel boring.

Bring in pops of colour through artwork and accessory items. Cushions and throw blankets are a great way to introduce texture, depth, and interest to a room.

A touch of greenery can go a long way. If you're not an indoor plant person then try a vase of fresh flowers or some succulents for easy care.

To conclude:

In a way, every home has a touch of tradition. Not the 'annual family winter Monopoly showdown' tradition, but the styling of our homes in a traditional way. This is simply because it's been a functional and effective way to live in a home.

Don't be afraid to mix things up and blend current with times past.


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