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The Down-low on Playroom Rugs

Choosing the perfect rug for your child's bedroom, rumpus room or workspace is all about style, shape, texture and pattern. A statement rug will bring a vibrant accent to your kid's play area, completing the look, feel and appeal. But which colors will work, what size should you opt for, how do you clean a wool rug and how will the rug interact with the space? Here's a quick guide for selecting the right playroom rug for your child's room. Kick off your shoes, let's step through some questions to help you source the ultimate practical and fun rug.

What makes a great playroom rug?

A kid's bedroom is a space they'll spend a lot of time; sleeping, playing, learning, relaxing. Choose a rug that is durable, forgiving and destined to last a lifetime, rather than end up as landfill. This is where natural fibres or woven blends come in.

Sheepskin Playroom Rugs

A great playroom rug will complete a kid's room; adding texture, warmth and depth. Aim for a kids' rug with a soft feel underfoot, testing out the texture for lazing and playing on, before purchase. An ideal playroom rug will provide access to floor play and fun, connecting your family to the things that matter: being together, and feeling close to nature.

Perfect playroom rugs stand out; complementing the design and decor of any kids' room.

Why wool?

Forget prickly synthetic, wool is a natural choice when interior decorating for kids. 100% biodegradable, stain-resistant, non-allergenic, flame resistant, durable and elastic, wool is a natural insulator and odour suppressor.

Sheepskin Playroom Rugs

Additionally, wool rugs are super easy to look after. Wool has an inherent toughness due to its unique structure. Wool fibres have a thin waxy coating that includes fatty acids which limit bacteria growth, and repel and release dirt easily. For kids' rugs, wool is safe as houses; the perfect choice.

How do I choose a rug shape and style?

Neutral hues, bright patterns, soft white, light and airy, thick and lush, long wool or short, there are plenty of options to discover. Shop for a rug shape and style that ticks the boxes for form and function, and suits your family home. Opt for short wool rugs and runners for high traffic areas such as below a bed, doorways or thoroughfare. Longer wool can create a separate chill zone in a room, nurture a reading nook, or soften a hardwood floor.

Sheepskin Playroom Rugs

With masking tape, measure and map out the rug's position to get a visual on how it will look in your child's room. Find a shape, character and design that resonates with you, and will stand the test of time. Consider how the piece could evolve to work in other rooms in your home, or suit your child's space as they grow.

Selecting a size to suit the room

When shopping for sizes, keep purpose in mind. A large area or round rug will suit a spacious playroom, whereas a sheepskin rug makes a versatile addition to a smaller space. Measure your space and calculate the optimal size rug for the room.

How to care for wool kids' rugs

Invest in a rug pad to avoid slipping or shifting. It is important to care for your sheepskin rug in order to preserve its unique characteristics. If you follow the care instructions, your wool rug will last longer and keep its excellent looks.

5 golden rules for wool rug care:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker shaded products.
  2. Shake rugs regularly. If it can handle a vigorous shake, liven it up!
  3. Dry vacuum rugs regularly with a plain suction unit. No revolving/ rotating/ turbo/ beater bar attachments.
  4. Blot up spills and stains as promptly as possible. Do not rub the wool pile.
  5. Dyed product should be dry cleaned only. We recommend JAE Cleaning Specialists to our NZ customers.

The take-away

Little ones will love a long-lasting, luxurious playroom rug. Shop our collection or concept store for current deals, international shipping and delivery on designer floor rugs.


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