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The Best Tips and Ideas to Decorate Your Studio Apartment

To help you get the best from your small-sized home, we've curated our top tips and tricks with the following studio apartment ideas. Studios are wonderful homes that combine several different room functions into one space.

How can I make my studio apartment look good?

Studio apartment design ideas don't have to be limiting - there are numerous clever tips and tricks to help you create a bright, modern and good looking home.

Studio Apartment

Keep the following ideas at top of mind when designing your space.

  1. What are your primary needs? Studio spaces are multi-use and usually include an office, bedroom, dining and living room within the one area.
  2. Furniture size, colour and style. This will determine the overall feel, along with wall colour and flooring.
  3. Declutter. You'll need to let go of some things if you're downsizing. Be particularly selective if this is your first place. A studio apartment is where dual-purpose items really come into play.
  4. Be organized. Choosing things that have a double duty and ensuring that everything has a place will keep your apartment looking good. Smart, modern storage systems are not difficult to find.
  5. Defining the various functions of the space. Think about what kind of room divider(s) might work since you'll want a designated bedroom area, a living room and kitchen.

How can I spice up my apartment?

There are many fun ways to spice up your apartment and make it a warm, inviting home. It's the time to put your interior design skills to work by bringing in personal items that speak to you, like photos and statement pieces through art.

Studio Apartment

Bring in colour and texture with things like throw pillows and sheepskin, which can add inspiration and style to an apartment. Pops of light, bright colour will do wonders for adding a little spice to your design ideas. Incorporate items like a sheepskin area rug, bright cushions and fun bedding.

How can I decorate my apartment walls?

Interestingly, your studio apartment walls can actually be functional. For a small studio apartment where square feet represent the floor plan of, say, a hotel room, a blank wall can be an excellent area for storage. Here are a few ideas:

    • If you're limited with a small space in an inner city apartment, then walls are a great place to hang a bike, for practicality and visual appeal.
    • It's the perfect place for a floor to ceiling shelving unit to maximise vertical space.
    • Your dining table with its fold-down sides can live against a wall to be folded out when needed.
    • Studio apartment wall space can act as a visual room divider if one is painted with a different colour - it could be where the bed is situated, or it could host a fold-down desk for an office area.
    • To state the obvious, walls are wonderful places to bring harmony and balance to interior design styles by hanging art.
  • If your living room is situated near a corner in your studio apartment, the television could be placed on this blank piece of real estate. Further define the room with sheepskin rugs and a sofa that fits the space well.
  • The back of your bathroom and closet doors are other good spots for hanging things.

How do you make a small bedroom look bigger?

Hanging a mirror is a clever way to create a feeling of depth and openness within a small space in the sleeping area of a studio apartment.

Studio Apartment

If your studio apartment is a particularly small space, a murphy style bed is a wonderful way to transform the area between sleeping and other functions. Pop an accent chair with a Wilson and Dorset Stone at the foot end for a reading nook. Or, maybe it's the perfect place for a Shaggy Bean Bag since this can be easily moved when laying the bed out.

A loft bed for a small bedroom nook is another great way to utilise your vertical real estate when working with a smaller interior foot print and offers the perception of space. The area underneath can create the perfect spot for a desk or small living room sofa, like a loveseat. If the intended use is for your home office, it's a good idea to ensure there is plenty of storage that can easily be closed away when not in use.

Make your studio bedroom feel larger by opting for lighter colors. White, light blue, green, grey and yellow all contribute to a sense of space without having the side effect of being overwhelming in a small space.

How can I maximise my small apartment?

When exploring small studio apartment design options it's important to think about the size of your space and how much storage it will require. Keep in mind that every item should have multiple uses and a place to live. Here is a short list of good ideas to consider when planning your design:

  1. Think vertically. Look for open bookshelves and extra tall shelving units.
  2. Utilise wall space. Bespoke hooks and rustic hanging options are clever ways to keep things organised and off the floor, but easily accessible.
  3. Folding furniture. Your kitchen bench could also fold out further to become a table, your bed may fold away (such as a murphy or loft option).
  4. Clever storage. For example; an ottoman or foot stool with a lid, which also acts as a coffee table. A natural wood chest at the foot of the bed can help define an area and at the same time, be a great place for blankets or linen.

How do you decorate a studio apartment on a budget?

Decorating on a small budget can be as challenging as an open-ended budget. That may sound strange, but studio apartments can be tricky to get right. For ideas at the lower end, there are some key strategies to keep top of mind.

  • Storage should be a top consideration when decorating a studio. There are some wonderful and creative studio apartment ideas to turn to, whilst keeping over-spending at bay
  • Build furniture from things you already have - look for shelving units that are easy to assemble but will still add visual appeal
  • Your dining table can act as a room division, while also being used as the kitchen bench
  • Include family members and friends in the interior design activation process through painting or building shelves
  • Scour thrift stores for furniture that can provide double duty - your kitchen table can also be your work desk if your square isn't large enough for a dedicated office
  • Bring in one or two high quality, luxury items that will stand the test of time, to offset your more cost effective finds. This will help bring balance and proportion to your home and could be as simple as investing in a set of sheepskin chair covers for your dining area.

What is a good layout for a studio apartment?

This largely depends on the square footage of the apartment, but begin by defining the various functions of the studio space. An ideal layout will begin with a natural flow from kitchen to dining to living to bedroom.

Studio Apartment

Some studio apartments are an L shape, which can help with division of rooms as well. A floor to ceiling bookcase is a wonderful way to create a sleeping area in apartments with a square layout and takes advantage of vertical space. These can double duty as storage, while also being a focal point. Curtains are another way to create defined spaces within a studio setting.

Utilise natural light and take note of how light flows in through windows in your studio apartment, as this can affect your layout, design decisions and furniture placement.

Organisation is key. Studio spaces can quickly become overrun with clutter if not held in check. It's important to make sure everything has a convenient place to help your space feel clutter-free.

What furniture should I buy for a studio apartment?

Select furniture that is both functional and stylish, and that works in harmony with your overall design. Look for pieces that can separate rooms like tall bookshelves with ample space and items that serve more than one purpose. A rug is a great room divider and can add texture and warmth to a living area.

Studio Apartment

Ottomans and chests are nice to bring in as they can hold other items, help divide spaces, become extra seating for a living area and serve as coffee tables too. Utilise the area under beds as well. Baskets, containers and bins can all fit underneath the right design.

What is the best bed for a studio apartment?

There are many options that are perfect to add to your studio apartment ideas list.

  1. A murphy bed is an excellent choice for a studio since it can be stowed away to create another 'room' during the day.
  2. A loft bed design is also a fantastic option as it provides additional space underneath.
  3. A bunk bed can offer a dual purpose as well - top for sleep and lower for relaxing with an arrangement of throw pillows along the back.
  4. Pull-out sofa styles and daybeds can be incredibly functional and there are some good options available for everyday use. Spice them up during the day with bright cushions and throw blankets.

If your foot print can handle a regular sized option, great! You can define this area with bookshelves, a couch at the head of the bed, curtains to divide a room and through clever layout in general.

How can I organise my room DIY?

Organising your studio room is imperative to a streamlined home. Stackable storage containers and baskets are a great way to organise your room. You can use them to store things you need but don't often access, and then pull them out when required.

For items that are used often, ensure they're easily accessible. Think of things like open shelving with labeled or colour-coded baskets and hooks for hanging things, which will keep gear off the floor but be easy to put them away after use.

Studio Apartment

We've already talked about items that can be used for more than one job. Keep this idea at the top of your list, as it will help with keeping the clutter at bay and make for a better living experience all round.

How do you organise a small room with a lot of stuff?

The real trick here to ensure that everything has a home. Marie Kondo is an organising consultant who has this down to a fine art. First and foremost, declutter. Get rid of excess items. It's also a good time to instill some great habits, such as always fold or hang your clothes, and always put them away.

Bring in items that not only store your things neatly, but also look appealing. There is no need to compromise your overall look through needing a few pieces of furniture that help keep you organised.


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