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Finding the Right Throw Rug for Your Room

Rugs come is all sorts of shapes and sizes. Sometimes we need a smaller rug that fulfils a particular purpose. Enter the throw rug! In this blog post we look at these versatile little numbers, including where and how to use them in your home.

What is a throw rug?

Throw rugs, sometimes called scatter rugs, are smaller in size than an area rug and can be used in lots of different places around your home. Often throw rugs are narrow (like a runner) but they don't tend to be as long.

Throw Rug

Throw rugs aren't always rectangular - you can find round, oval or even organic shapes in all sorts of colours, patterns and textures.

What are throw rugs used for?

Scatter or throw rugs are great for adding a layer of warmth, character and interest to your home. Being smaller they are easily moved from one space to another as your needs change with the seasons.

Throw Rug

In the winter for example, you might place one in front of your fireplace, providing a warm and comfortable lounging spot on those cold winter days. Come summer, you may move it somewhere different (like a bedroom) or roll it up and put it away for the summer.

Throw rugs are also a cost effective and creative way to hide unsightly stains or marks. A great option if you are renting or when changing your carpet isn't an option.

Similarly throw rugs can be used to prevent marks -place one in front of your kitchen sink for example or just inside your front door to protect your beautiful hardwood floors.

Where do you put a throw rug?

Being on the smaller side, throw rugs work really well in smaller spaces - entry ways, at the foot of stairs, in front of a chest of drawers in your bedroom or in front of your fireplace. As an alternative to a single large rug under your bed, try placing matching sheepskin rugs on each side of your bed, providing a soft landing spot for bare feet in the morning.

Throw Rug

Don't feel you are limited just to floors though -throw rugs also work well draped over a window seat, sofa or armchair, providing an extra layer of comfort and cosiness.

You can also layer throw rugs over the top of larger area rugs. Say you have a jute rug in your lounge, adding a shaggy sheepskin on top introduces a layer of texture, warmth and interest.

Can I use a throw blanket as a rug?

Technically throw rugs and blankets are different items. Blankets are softer and designed for snuggling on the couch or outside on a cooler evening. They are often bigger than throw rugs, not as sturdy and they weren't really designed to be placed on floors.

If you have fallen in love with a particular blanket and want to use it as a rug in your home, you'll need to make sure it is properly secured. Otherwise it is likely to slide around and bunch up, creating a tripping hazard.

How do I stop my throw rug from tripping?

If you are using throw rug in a high traffic area like entry ways or kitchens, it's a good idea to secure it to the ground so it doesn't move about or bunch up. If your rug doesn't have already have a non slip backing, you can purchase anti-slip mats and get them cut to size.

Grip tape is another option. Being double sided, you simply mark out the perimeter of your rug on the floor, secure the tape and place your rug on top.

How big should throw rugs be?

Getting the right sized rug is the key to the impact it has in your home. Ultimately it comes down to proportion - you want your rug to feel in proportion to the space it sits in.

So, before you buy anything, take a look at where you want to place your rug (ie your entry way or your bedroom) and use masking tape to mark out your desired rug area on the floor. Grab your measuring tape and measure those dimensions.

A couple of things to remember - general rule of thumb is that bigger is better. If your rug is too small your space will feel out of balance. That said, make sure you leave some flooring visible between the edge of your throw rug and the walls (or fireplace or front door). About 20 cm should do it.

What colour throw rug should I get?

Colour adds interest, excitement and personality to your home. Some of us love bright bold colours, while others prefer the muted and more natural hues. You will, of course, want to ensure whatever the colour you choose is something you love and something that speaks to your existing decor. But ultimately, it comes down to personal style and taste.

Luckily throw rugs come in all sorts of colours and styles. Depending on what you like, you can choose a neutral colour that complements your flooring or brighter colours or patterns that make a statement.

Contrasting textures are a great way to add sophistication to your home, so consider keeping colours complementary but introducing a contrasting texture, like sheepskin, for an elegant and streamlined look.


Sometimes we need a practical solution for a smaller space in our home, such as an entry way, kitchen or the foot of stairs. If this is you, throw rugs are the way to go. Being smaller they are easy to move around your home and come in a variety of shapes and colours. Choose something that you love and that speaks to your existing decor. You can't go wrong!


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