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A Guide To Choosing Window Seat Cushions

A window seat is a wonderful addition to any home. It's a versatile seating option that works well with all home decor design styles.

We'll talk through some great ideas so you can create an inviting, welcoming window seat space.

How to add style with the perfect window seat cushions

Dressing your indoor window seat space is a fun and an easy area of your home to get just right. Set the scene with bright prints and bold stripes. Add some contrast with texture and different sized cushions. Or go subtle and neutral with linens and natural hues.

Think about the use of the space - breakfast or kitchen nooks will probably have additional furniture brought in. At the very least you'll add a table. Be sure the window seat cushions don't slide off the bench when getting in and out.

What about fabrics and cushion material for window seat cushions?

A foam fill is cost effective and works well for most window seat cushion options. A high quality, sturdy foam will hold its shape and look neat and tidy.

Window Seat Cushions

Sunbrella material is a term well used for outdoor seating in particular. It's a durable, weather resistant and fade resistant fabric that is perfect for bench cushions for either indoor or outdoor use. This is a good option for mudrooms and entryways.

That said, we like natural products and to add comfort and style to any room or corner of your home, you can't go wrong with sheepskin.

Using sheepskin for window seat cushions:

The instant you add sheepskin to anything, the more comfortable it will be! If you've chosen to use a foam filled bench cushion and a cotton or polyester fabric for the cover, you can easily add sheepskin with decorative, yet comfortable throw cushions, or a sheepskin rug.

Window Seat Cushions

Sheepskin is a natural fibre and like all natural materials, it will change colour when sitting in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. If you're concerned about fading we recommend a lighter colour like Mt Gold or Matuki from the Wilson and Dorset collection.

To protect your sheepskin investment, you could also toss another throw blanket over the sheepskin during the sunniest times of the day. Or, install blinds to close or tilt during the hottest and sunny times.

A sheepskin rug or throw tossed on top of the window seat cushion will bring inviting warmth and a wonderful element of comfort that really can't be beat.

  • Sheepskin is sustainable

  • It is luxuriously soft

  • It is durable and stain resistant

  • Sheepskin has unique temperature regulating qualities

If you're looking for window seat cushion ideas that will stand the test of time and can take some good use then sheepskin is an excellent choice.

Are sheepskin cushions and rugs easy to care for?

Yes - more so than you'd think. The following list is our five golden rules for maintaining your sheepskin:

  1. Shake rugs, cushions and bean bags regularly.

  2. Dry vacuum often - with a plain suction unit. No revolving or rotating attachments.

  3. Blot spills and stains as quickly as possible and don't rub the wool pile.

  4. Dyed product should be dry-cleaned only.

  5. Products in direct sunlight will fade and we usually recommend avoiding leaving items in prolonged direct sunlight. See above for ideas about avoiding sunlight, if using sheepskin for your window seat.

Window seat cushion ideas for a mudroom or entrance way:

For entrance way ideas, consider storage. Think about open cubbies with baskets for footwear, hats and gloves. Hang hooks above the window seat for backpacks and jackets.

The main window seat cushion cover could be a durable and machine washable material and if you have a back support cushion, make this the same fabric. A removable cushion cover or two won't go amiss either.

Go for bold stripes and fun block colours that will tie in with the rest of the house design.

How do I create a reading nook within a bedroom space?

There is no shortage of ideas available for cosy reading window seats within bedrooms!

  • Have a custom cushion created with a memory foam fill for a soft and comfortable bench cushion

  • A seasonal replacement cushion in a different fabric design is a great idea to refresh the space throughout the year

  • Bring in luxurious fabrics like sheepskin cushions and wool throws for an extra element of snugness

  • Add a hinged, lift up lid to create storage, or large pull out drawers so you don't have to remove the cushions for access

  • Open shelves underneath for books is another great option for storage

  • Place a soft floor rug at the base of the window seat for an extra warm and inviting look and feel - sheepskin would be perfect

  • If planning to snuggle up when the sun has gone down, be sure to include some good lighting as well

  • Consider bolster rolls for additional comfort and a well finished look and feel. These can also be made with a rolled up throw blanket, which can then be used to snuggle under for a cosy reading spot.

What is the average height of a window bench seat?

Let's talk dimensions:

Most window seats are an average height of 18 inches including the seat cushion. But they can be anywhere from 16 to 21 inches.

It depends on what the main use will be. If the window seat is to be used as a dining room seat, then the ideal height is 18 inches. This is where a dining table will be the right height to comfortably sit at.

However, bear in mind that a window seat can take on any height that works for the space. The thickness of the cushion can be easily adjusted to work with the area and use.

The average depth of a window seat is similar to the height - that magic 16 to 20 inches. This creates a comfortable seat for most people with feet on the floor, which sitting in a forward facing position.

Ideally you'll want to be able to tuck your feet up or sit cross legged on top, with plenty of decorative window seat cushions surrounding your cosy perch.

Tips for building your own window seat:

  • Your pricing will vary depending on your materials, size and window shape.

  • The height of your bench seating should not exceed the window height. A specialty custom window may be quite low - be sure to measure twice and cut once!

  • Think about your storage options and what fabric and material choices will make the most sense for the use of your window seat.

  • If space allows, consider bookshelves on either side to create a snug and defined space.

What if I don't have an ideal window?

No need to fret if you really like the idea of a window seat, but don't have an appropriate spot. It's easy to create a window seat area without the built in seat.

Simply bring in a bench, place some seat cushions atop and add a tall bookshelf on either side of a window, or the bench - you don't even need a window. Voila, you'll have your 'window' seat nook.

A pew style bench seat will work and with the addition of baskets underneath and an array of cushions, you'll have a wonderful spot that evokes a cosy yet sophisticated aesthetic.


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